Krazy Glue Snafu

GrowHappy(z7 MD)November 6, 2005

My DD got Krazy Glue all over her fingers. I don't know what to use to get it off. Any suggestions, Please????? Thanks!


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Hi GH,

Crazy glue is meant to stay on indefinitely. I am just grasping at straws here but I would try to use something called Goo Gone. I have found this product at Michael's Crafts stores. It is fairly safe to use one ones skin. If you can't find that I would recommend plain old fingernail polish remover. I hope one of these works for you.


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jcpyburn(z7b/8 West Texas)

You might try going to their website and see if they list anything that might be able to release it? Are her fingers stuck together? If not you should just be able to let it wear off I think. I have actually done that before to myself and it wears off within a day or so. Hope that helps!!


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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

I tried the Acetone Nail Polish remover, but it didn't help much. I had her to keep washing her hands in warm water and soap, to no avail. She started to pull it off with her fingers and I almost fainted. LOL She said, "It doesn't hurt mommy, SEEEEEEEE!" She's gotten all of it off of her left hand. Now we have to work on the right hand. Thanks Larry and Carly.

GH- who's breathing a sigh of relief!

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Did all of it come off?

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calla_lady(Z8b N. Calif)

This is way after the fact but I'll throw this out there for future reference,,,earlier this year I was using C.G. to fix something and was very intent on what I was doing. So intent that I did not notice that a drop had run down between two of my fingers and glued them together. Finger nail polish remover did not even touch it, so I filled a bowl of warm soapy water and sat there for a very long time with my hand submerged and sure enough it eventually pulled off one of my fingers (leaving skin intact :~)allowing me to seperate my fingers. Doing the evening dishes took the rest off. Apparently skin + warm water loosens the bond.

I read something in the newspaper the other day that made me think of this post. A man is suing Home Depot because he went in to use their restroom and somebody just before him had spread Crazy glue on the toilet seat as a prank. I guess that he sat down and was stuck there for quite awhile. His issue with H.D. was not about that, rather he called for helped for 15 minutes and the H.D. employeess assumed that it was a joke ("Help I'm stuck to the toilet seat and can't get up!" ) and would not go in to help him. Somebody finally did check and called the paramedics. They had to unbolt the toilet seat to get him to the hospital to remove it (and a lot of skin). How awful would that be! Can you imagine??? Just a bit of Crazy Glue trivia there......


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GrowHappy(z7 MD)


Thanks for the tips. I hate fooling with Krazy glue, but DD was putting on the pressure for me to hang plastic Barbie curtains in her doorway.:) She got a little anxious and opened the packet while I went to retrieve the curtains. They are curious little buggers during the tender years!

Yeah, I saw this guy on the tele this morning. Apparently, he has done this type of thing before and has a rap sheet. I think he lives in Colorado????


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calla_lady(Z8b N. Calif)

No kidding? He did that to himself?! What a fool! I just can't imagine doing something like that! Of course I had to wonder what kind of a person sits on a toilet seat that has a wet sheen to it. Bizarre! lol.....

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It's funny how often this happens. I just cracked the faucet in my kitchen. In an attempt to rectify the situation before anyone else discovers it, I tried to krazy glue the holes so that the water would not spray. Needless to say, 2 seconds into fixing the mess, I created a new one. This time on my fingers. Now that my hands are covered in krazy glue, I figure I can still get it off before it dries completely so I run my hands under warm water. Some of it softens so I get excited. But I act in haste as I proceed to dry my hands with a paper towel. So now that my fingertips are more absorbent than a bounty paper towel, I still can't get the krazy glue off and the faucet is still cracked. If necessity is the mother of invention. Panic and necessity is the father of misfortune. I wonder how many things got ruined before a real solution came of it?

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FYI Folks!
I work in an ER and you wouldn't believe the Krazy Glue what people can glue to themselves! The only thing we've ever used to unglue them is petrolium based products like vaseline (?sp). I don't know about fausets and stuff, but it works great for skin-on-skin situations and a bit of patients and elbow grease!

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