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tootswisc(z4/5Wi)November 25, 2005

Quoting the Borg, (Star Treck) change is inevitable. I want to change the way I enter the garden web. Any suggestions. Right now, I have gardenweb listed under favorites, then this new page pops up, then I usually visit houseplants. But I probably could click right into houseplants if I knew how to do that-avoiding this new page.

While we are talking about this, I want to customize my homepage so that I can waste more time with my cup of coffee clicking here and there. I really would like a wonderful inspirational quote to start off my day and maybe a good health tip.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Well, I'm not quite versed on this myself, but with Mozilla, you can open pages into 'tabs' and leave them sort of open, like the boxes on the bottom of the scree... say you want to copy and paste a post you made at one site to another. You would open both of them in tabs, copy your text in one site, hit your tab button for the other, drop in, paste, walah. So, I still haven't told you 'how to' do anything!

When I first copied my stuff into favorites. I started already in/on the page I wanted to go directly to (bypassing Jail entirely) and just added that right into my favorites. I also use a folder system within my favorites. I keep all my sites in favorites, and then have a folder named 'your name here' Favorites. (This helps keep the motorcycle stuff out of the plant stuff, and DH and I are BOTH happy!) You click on that folder and it pops up a side menu, where you can click on the Name-of-Site and enter directly.

Geeze, just think how painful that explanation would be if I spoke Geek fluently!

I am not getting another page inbetweenies when I click into Favorites. You can over lay your current link just by being where you want to end up, click Add to Favorites, and go from there.

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With IE, just click on favorites when you're on the houseplants page (or whatever page you want). The same drop-box that lists your favorites has an "add to" spot to click, and if you click it, then the HP page will be directly bookmarked; no need to go through GW's homepage.
Customizing one's homepage is way over my head...not one of the things I've taken time to figure out for myself, and no one in my immediate circle is tech savvy enough to teach me.

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barbs21(Z6 TN)

To change your home page.. the page your browser goes to when it is opened, go to the page you want then click on Tools, then internet options; on the generals tab is where you change it at.. choose current... your home page will now be the one you chose.. You can also put the link short-cut on your desktop.. left click on the begining of the address bar and drag it to the desktop and drop it there.

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