Bad Day At Work

jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)November 14, 2005

At least all of the technicians working on the project are safe.

This is the result of lightning damage, incurred during a blizzard (of all things!) - a most unpropitious event, I grant you.

It's not all that unusual to get a lightning strike - what's unusual is for it to occur on seven turbines in a five-minute period. Some parts of the blade that used to exist on this turbine were found several hundred feet away.

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Yikes! Seven strikes, or one bolt skipped to six other turbines? Yes, thank the maker nobody was hurt!

Hey, did Viagra or Cialis ever work on that one turbine?

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calla_lady(Z8b N. Calif)

LibbyLiz you took the words right out of my mouth! YIKES! Wow! that would be an amazing sight (those are beastly big things!!). Did anybody get to witness it?

A blizzard? Was this out on the high desert? Goofy!

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Jeff, I'm not familiar with any Wind Farms near here. Was this out in the Moreno Valley area? I'm sure you work with multiple facilities and such, just being my usual nosy self.

And glad that no one was caught by any of this, including the lightening.

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Dear Liz,

I don't know if those products, oysters or powdered rhino horn were used, but the turbine was successfully reerected.

Dear Alicia,

There were some techs in a neighboring turbine when this one was struck - as far as actually witnessing that particular event, I don't know if anyone did. I certainly would have liked to see Nature in Awesome-yet-Destructive Action.

Dear Cena,

It was during a blizzard, so it wasn't out in Moreno Valley - I'm not aware of any wind farms out there. It was on the high plains N/NE of us.

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