Oh, I had the BEST time!!!!

Cena(S CA 10A)November 13, 2005

So, I'm back from vacation, just today, trying to wind down from 8 hours of driving and 450 miles, all by my lonesome. There was an accident at the base of the Cajon pass, and had traffic backed up for HOURS, took me over 1 1/2 to make 15 miles.... sigh. So, I am looking for ways to wind down!

I got to MEET Larry & Jenlynn (not at all sure of her spelling, forgive me, Jenlynn, if I got it kerwhangled!) What gracious hosts, and such a beautiful home! I did not get to stay long, but I very much enjoyed my visit, thank you so much for having me!

For some crazy reason, I did not take many pictures. Sure wish I would quit doing this. The morning I left the clouds were low, and around the mountain tops, but the sun was shining and decorating the world... I suspected I had packed my camera someplace stupid, instead of the totally intelligent place I really packed it. I could have taken so many really lovely pictures. Sigh. Flight of the Cena Gooney Bird, once again. I did take nice pictures of Green Iguanas, and chickens... So, in a day or two.

Neat new things I did/bought/brought home.

I ground 24 cups of ingredients (that is a LOT for those of you who don't can) and made 15 pints of Sweet Pepper Relish, got to bring home 11, and one pint of Asian Apple Pear Butter made with Splenda by my sweet mommy (who also helped me can my relish).

I am now the proud owner of four banty hens, also provided by my mommy. They traveled very well, surprisingly, over 900 miles, in a guinea pig pen, which will be their home for a few days. The bird hunter cat is not sure what they are, Scary or Food! The biggest reason I wanted hens, is because I have SOOOOOO many insects in my yard, mainly slugs, pincher bugs, and 'C' grubs. And my compost heap should so benefit from these new additions. Not to mention, they are adult hens, who do lay eggs, even without a rooster. Since I live within city limits, I may get complaints just from the hens, but certainly could NOT have a rooster also. They should be quiet, well mannered girls, but, I have a few prize neighbors. Can't be ANY noisier than my neighbors new, several pairs of love birds.

I also brought home two 18 packs of farm eggs, new garden tools in a handy carrier which includes a small saw, and a luscious purple pair of Ariat 'Fatbaby' boots. I had seen these advertised this year, had no intention of getting any, then tried them on... THEY WERE SO COMFORTABLE!!!! And much better looking than the turquoise green pair. I didn't like the rhinestone boots, so purple it was!

I got to raid: my grandmothers gymnocalycium cactus for pups, spread the wealth. my mothers glass collection for antiques that I have been coveting for years. my dad's professional steel from his chef days which is over 40 years old. and a lovely antique store which had some nice Anchor Hocking Forrest Green glass, my collector color.

So, I made new friends, met some 'friends' I'd had for a while, spent time with my family, ate well, rested, gossiped for hours, attended a new, wonderful church, visited both my grams, and had a most successful and nice trip.

I think I also broke my nose. How do you know if its broke??? Besides that AWEFUL crunch sound? It swelled a bit, it hurts to the touch, but did not turn colors or bleed. It did help to keep me awake on the way home. Nodding a bit? just touch that nose!

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Oooo! Ow! Sorry about the nose, but---

Welcome back, and I'm glad you had a wonderful time!! It really does sound like a great work/fun combo.

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Hi Cena,

I am glad you had a stafe drive home. Four banty hens. How fun! My sister had a Banty hen as a pet for years. It lived in an old rabbit hutch. My sister would take it for walks around the backyard all the time and that hen would follow her around like a puppy. Everyday we got one little egg. They were pretty small but they were consistant. So we knew what it was like to have fresh eggs. It was basically a two to one ratio to real eggs if one was using a recipe.

I had a real good time meeting with you. I really enjoyed the visit. Cena came down to Denver around lunchtime so I ordered out for Chinese and we had lunch together. We just talked the whole time. She brought pictures of her plants and we looked at all her cactus and succulents. While she was here Jenlyn came home from a doctor's appointment and got to meet Cena too. I then got a chance to show her all of my plants and the rest of the house. Talking about the camera, I can't believe I didn't take some pictures while you were here. I am so bad about taking pictures of events. Oh, well.


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I'm sorry to hear about your nose!! I don't know much about broken noses but the fact that it didn't bleed or bruise is a good sign that you may not have. Let's only hope.

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calla_lady(Z8b N. Calif)

Cena it sounds like you had a spectacular time! What fun! (except for the nose, ouch!).

Banty hens are so nice, they have such good garden manners, not bad at all about digging up the flower beds and yes - you get all the bug eating benefits, four hens will make a huge difference just in the snail and slug population.

A new pair of Ariats? I am not familiar with fatboys but my general experience with Ariats is happy feet! Antiques, new cactus and lots of down time with the family,,, sounds really nice. Good for you.

Is your nose feeling better?

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Glad to hear you had such a nice time, Cena. And you got to meet a GWer. And you got new pets to boot. what a nice vacation.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Nikki, you are so funny! 'new pets to boot' :^)

I really did have the Best Time.

My nose is much, much better. I picked up a bug there, and managed to stave it off until I got home. Now, I have a runny nose, and blowing it is Not Fun. But, the nose never bruised, and just looks more like my moms now. I am being careful to watch out for it, as I suspect the least little incident could relocate it on my face. I'm pretty sure I just cracked the cartalidge/bone joining. That is where it is still most tender.

Did I forget to mention Mom and I did some canning while I was there? The Farm Stands were moving the last of their produce, only one was still operating. They had AWESOME peppers and onions, so I made a whole batch of Sweet Pepper relish. My mom only helped with the water bath and jar prep. All 15 pints sealed within 15 mintues!

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