webs and sticky substance

renmart66(usda6 texas)November 20, 2005

i have an indoor atrium in my house and a plant was here when we moved in. i am not sure if it is a lilly or an orchid. my plant has developed a sticky substance that is getting on the windows and my other plants. on close observation i noticed some webs and lately have noticed ants but i thought that may be cause of the sweet stickness. my flowers no longer bloom because any new buds are covered in the sticky substance.

thanks rene'

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Welcome to the house plants conversations forum, Rene`. It sounds like you have a pest problem on your plants. The sticky substance you are refering to is called honeydue. From what I remember it is usually caused by scale. If you inspect your plants for scale you should be looking for little brown bumps on the stems and leaves. The webbing sounds like spider mites. You may want to post your question on the house plants discussions forum. You are more likely to get many more replys there as this is the section where we talk about off topic things like remodeling our homes or our children and pets etc...


Here is a link that might be useful: House plants discussions

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Hi Renee and welcome.

If not scale, it could be aphids or mealybugs. Both leave a sticky honeydew substance behind. Ants are attracted to the sugary substance. Please inspect your plant more closey, in the leaf joints, along the stems, in any unfurled leaves. If you see white fluffy looking stuff- you have mealybugs. If you see wooly looking bugs(green, black, e.t.c. t hey come in variety of colors) all clumped together, you may have aphids.

I agree with Foxy that the webbing is an indication of spider mites. It sounds like you have a couple different kinds of pest invading your plant. You need to identify them first and then take immediate action to save your plant. They all will kill your plant.


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