Is this too obvious?

Nigella(9a-steamy)December 31, 2005

Still going round and round with that Ebay seller who "appropriated" my Passiflora incarnata picture. I'm trying to protect my pictures better now, can anybody give me input on this one? Is the "watermark" sufficiently subtle or do I need to work on it a bit more?

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Hey Margaret! I think, especially if the photos are smaller than the big blown-up none, they it's fantastic. Actually, even blown-up its a good mark. In the thumbnail, I couldn't even see the watermark.. and actually that may be a good thing in order to prove it was stolen...

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Hi Julianna, well, Nell was there when the picture was taken and has the only hard copy, which was printed directly from the camera so it would be a really beautiful picture because it was a birthday present. I have a whole string of "passiflora and bee" pictures from that day, and several witnesses to the photo session.

I don't really like doing this, especially if the pic is going into Hortiplex, but this particular seller is makin' me mad. He's a real creep, an embarrassment to both the gardening community and to his fellow sellers on Ebay, sort of the "Michigan Bulb Co." of Ebay. My guess is that every one of the pictures he's using in his auctions are stolen and would advise anybody who has posted nice pics to go check his listings out and make sure they're not victims too.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Its not obvious at all.

Is subtle what you want?
I see, you are trying enticement...

Okay. Its great.

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Sounds like a bunch of lovely pictures!!!

I hate it when people steal pictures. They really don't think about it... but it's work!

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Bear with me as I'm still half asleep right now...I was up kind of late last I like the water mark, because it is not too obvious but is still clear enough to see if you look for it. I think I would like it better if it was in the cursive style that you usually use for your signature. Would that work?

BTW it was nice talking to you again, Margaret.


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Cena, you hit the nail on the head, I'm trying for subtle. I want something that can't be removed or disputed but doesn't take over the picture.

Julianna, the thing that gets me is that picture theives seem to disregard intellectual property rights. It doesn't matter how long or hard one works on the picture, it's still intellectual property that is protected by law. I'll be re-invoicing the perpetrator for $300 as a sort of New Year's surprise, lol. Another seller on Ebay suggested it. I'm also considering going to various fora and posting the link this fellow's store with a warning that he's out there "borrowing" pictures without permission(and giving no credit to those from whom he's borrowing, to boot). I may even send Dave's $15 so I can post it there too. My thinking is that he probably doesn't have ANY pictures in his listings that aren't somebody else'. I think it would be WAY interesting to have everyone whose pictures have been stolen writing to both Ebay and Andale about the same time. Maybe then we'd get some action.

Foxy, it's always lovely to talk to you, you're a sweetheart. I agree, Lucida sans would be better, I just used the default on this one. I may play around with it more after school takes back in.

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