Citrus envy

Mentha(9 CA)December 26, 2005

I am so envious, my brother got my grandmother a Meyer's lemon tree for Christmas. sniff, sniff, I really wanted a citrus. What I really want is a Budhist's Hand citron, but can't find one here in California, but I'd of settled for a lemon tree! Whaaaaa!!!

It's so unfair.

Well I hope you all got what you wanted for the holidays. I just have to be happy with my epiphyllum.

Merry Christmas,

Rhonda :)

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I bet the Epiphyllum is a great gift! Will we get to see some pictures?
If you decide to treat yourself to a Buddah's Hand, you could ask Toni over on the discussions side about the best/cheapest place to order one. I bet she could help you out.

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Being in CA you have limited places to shop for citrus. Now if you could move to another state we could fix you right up:) Other then lucking into citrus in local stores I only know of one way for you to get a hold of citrus. It is a mail order company that is rather pricy. They do have a great reputation and carry some very nice trees. For the life of me I can't remember the name right now. I'll find it for you if you are interested in checking them out.


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

maybe you could grow one? i've heard of lots of people planting lemon/citrus seeds and coming up with plants. i guess some of the hybrids don't sprout, but it would still be a fun thing to try.
if you can find a nursery that carries plants from Monrovia, maybe they can order you a lemon? we bought ours in a gallon pot for $12.


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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Foxy, are you thinking of Acorn Springs or Four Winds Growers?


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Mentha(9 CA)

Four Winds Growers has them, they supply OSH. I never see budhist's hands though. Every once in a while they have a variegated one, but that's usually when I don't have money, ugh. Murphy's law at it's best...

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Yes GH, it is Four Winds Growers! Thank you! Acorn Springs is in Texas so they are out of the question for Mentha.

It is fun growing citrus from seed. Germination hasn't ever been a problem for me and that is saying a lot since I stink at growing from seed. The problem is some citrus seeds will not produce a plant like the parent. You have to research to find which ones come true from seed. Then there is the problem of having three trees sprout from one seed. Some seeds will only have one seedling true to type and you have to figure out which one is it. Another problem is a lot of citrus are grafted for very good reasons. If you grow from seed you could find yourself learning about grafting.

Good luck finding your Budhist's Hand citron Mentha. May you find your tree and have the cash in hand at the same time:)


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

I saw a Budda's Hand somewhere recently. It was about a one gallon with a perfect fruit on it--they're huge. Now, I can't think of where, but it was some retail place.....maybe in San Francisco. Anyway, if Four Winds has them, you might be able to mail order it. I forget whether they still sell by mail order. Though they are mainly wholesale I believe they still sell retail from their main place in Fremont, Ca., across the Bay from me. I went there once with a client, and we bought wholesale--some huge plants of all kinds of great stuff, all loaded with ripe fruit. We got Oroblanco Grapefruit (x pumilo cross, good for less hot climates than regular gf.), tangelo, an Israeli type orange, calamondin, Bearss lime, blood orange, meyer lemon, eureka lemon (you gotta have both), and two kumquats. The kumquats were so tasty, but they never fruited again. That garden is in Berkeley--too cool for the kumquats, even against a sunny west wall with reflected heat. That was a wonderful garden project. I don't think the orange did that well, but the others did fruit nicely after the owner started fertilizing them.

So, anyway, give Four Winds a call and see if they can fix you up with your Budda's Hand. Oh, I recall they sell in a whole slew of sizes--1,2,5,7,10,15 gallon and 24" box. We were, ahem, buying 15's and 24's....sigh, those were they days.


(I only have 2 citrus, a pretty good seedless orange in the garden and a Chinoto Orange, which is in a pot and never gets the care needed to set fruit. This one is a sour orange but has neat boxwood type foliage (the fruit is used for cooking and drinks).

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