tootswisc(z4/5Wi)December 22, 2005

I think that is how you spell it. What a powerful movie. I felt like it was alot of work to watch it. It was really well done. I highly recomend it but it is not a Christmas day movie.

I was really into the show time special sleeper cell. I feel overwhelmed with terrorism and US policies right now. All in all, the world is just a mess.

My hope again for this year is world peace

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Thanks--I'll try to see it.

I saw Brokeback Mountain last weekend and it is THE best movie I've seen in years. I was blown away and I can't stop thinking about it.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Cat (long time no see),

Really, I keep reading/hearing it's a gay cowboy movie. While I DO have many gay friends (men, not women) somehow, it's just not calling me to see it. Pls. can you try & say what you liked abt it?

I am curious abt Syriana tho' (hear it's pretty intense) & am a GREAT fan of George Clooney.

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Brokeback Mountain sounds awfully sad. There just can't be such tangled up relationships without a lot of people experencing a lot of hurt. I'm not an ostrich, but I like happy endings...probably why I only go to a couple of movies a year. (The last one I saw was, "Curse of the Were-rabbit" with little DD. Pretty typical.) I do enjoy "spy/thriller" types, but there has to be some sort of redemption at the end, or I won't really enjoy it. I know that's not reality, but I feel like there's plenty of reality out there to see for free.

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I bet the Sara Jessica Parker movie will be funny. The one about the graduate looks good too-chick flicks.

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