Soap Operas, anyone?

tisha_(z7 OKC)December 12, 2006

Does anyone here have a guilty Soap Opera pleasure?

I used to watch Days of Our Lives back when I was a teenager. Well, I just found out that they have brought back Steve (aka Patch) and Kayla and now I'm hooked again.

I'm so ashamed. lol

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Uhmm...yes, one that I thought was gone until I stopped working a few months ago! I got caught up, again, in Y & R, Guiding Light(my fave), ATWT and B & B(when I could stomach it). You are not alone. I grew up watching the soaps. I even scheduled my college classes in the evenings, when I could, so that I could be home during the day to watch them. LOL When I became a productive member of society afterwards, I had to stop watching, of course.:) And no, I didn't record them. LOL


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grice(z5 Michigan)

Well I too must confess, "My name is Grice and I'm a soap addict". It's not my fault. I blame my mother! Years ago back, in the winter of '76, there was a blizzard in Cincinnati(where I grew up). We had only one television in the house. My mom watched the entire ABC line up. AMC,One Life,General Hospital. I have been a daytime fan ever since.
Keep in mind that (though I am only 38) I come from a time when boys/men did not dare admit to watching the 'stories'. So I had no one to talk about the shows with . Today everyone (so it seems) tunes into one of them. I browse around the soap site and discuss them there.

Over the years I defected from ABC to Another World(sadly cancelled) and Y&R (by far the best on television) I did tune in to see GH again in November to see Genie Francis do a guest appearance as Laura Spencer. After her month stint ended I tuned back out(just too many mobe wars and car explosions for me.
Glad to know that others here share the interest.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

I don't watch soaps (unless you count Ugly Betty) but did you know that there is a station that is showing 'soaps' modeled after the Spanish Telenovellas? In Chicago the station is called My 50 or something like that, anyway eventually the whole station is going to be all melodrama all the time since the Telenovellas are so popular around the world now.

Just some random tv trivia.

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lunamoon(5 MA)

No soaps here. Though I'm in the boonies with no cable tv.... :o)

I did watch Santa Barbara for a while when that was on but that was like, um.... 15 years ago..... I even got my father into watching it with me after school. LOL Anyone else watch that?

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Not since I was folding diapers and baby clothes daily. Long, long ago.

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amany(MI / 6)

Patch and Kayla are back?!!! Dang it! I wish I had never ventured over to this section. Now I'm gonna get addicted to Days of Our Lives again!! ;-)

I started watching when I was seven. I'll be 34 in two days. My mother and sister (seventeen years older than I) had babies within 4 months of one another. My sister was divorcing at the time, so she lived with us. We had three televisions. One upstairs. Color. One in the den. Color. One in the basement. Black and white. All I wanted to do was watch my cartoons, but my mother and sister hogged the two color sets. Well, what kid do you know who will watch cartoons on a black and white set?

So I started off with Guiding Light. Pretty soon I was watching Search for Tomorrow, Young and the Restles and As the World Turns too. When school started back up, I was just on The Guiding Light.

As the years went by, I discovered All my Children, Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live, Another World, Santa Barbara, The Bold and the Beautiful and, I'm embarrassed to say, Passions (lasted two months). Today I'm down to just The Young and the Restless (the writing is starting to suffer big time) and The Bold and the Beautiful. I read the updates daily and watch both shows on the occasional off day.

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