The Cat Carol - Why do they make sad Christmas songs??? OMG!

tisha_(z7 OKC)December 22, 2005

Have any of you heard this song, The Cat Carol? It's SO sad. I actually CRIED! At my desk, at work!

Anyway, I found this blog entry about it and it's SO true. This is exactly what I was thinking as I was listening to it. AT MY DESK, AT WORK, CRYING for God's sake! LOL


On Sunday we got most of the decorating done and when I had finished what I needed I left the Christmas cd's playing while I ran out to pick up some Poinsettias. Stephen stayed to put the lights on the tree. When I got back he asked me if I had heard the Christmas song about the cat and the mouse. I had no idea what he was talking about and he explained how he had been putting the lights on the tree when the song started playing. When he listened to the words he started crying it was so sad. After the song he went upstairs to check on our old man, Kahler. He was laughing as he told me about it.

"You have got to hear this song." he said as he rumaged through the cd cases to find out which one it was on. Here's what happened next.....(and I found the lyrics here).

The Cat Carol

written by Bruce Evans

Verse 1 and 2:

The cat wanted in to the warm, warm house,

But no one would let the cat in.

It was cold outside, on Christmas Eve.

She meowed and meowed by the door.

She was not let in to the warm, warm house.

and her tiny cries were ignored

It was a blizzard out, the worst of the year.

There was no place for her to hide

Me: Why would anyone leave their cat outside in the cold....that's mean. They should be shot.

Stephen laughs.

Verse 3 and 4

Just then a poor little mouse crept by,

he had lost his way in the snow.

He was on his last legs, and was almost froze

The cat lifted him with her paw.

She said, "poor mouse do not be afraid,

because this is Christmas Eve.

On this freezing night we both need a friend.

I won't hurt you, stay by my side."

Me: Awww...this is sad. Why would anyone write a sad song like this for Christmas?

Stephen : It gets worse!!

Verse 5 and 6

She dug a small hole in an icy drift.

This is where they would spend the night.

She curled herself 'round her helpless friend,

protecting him from the cold.

When Santa came by at the end of the night,

the reindeer started to cry.

They found the cat lying there in the snow,

and they could see that she had died.

Me : Oh my God...I can't take this. This is the saddest Christmas song I've ever heard. This is even sadder then "Nestor The Long Eared Donkey."

Stephen laughes from the kitchen while blowing his nose: "I told you"

Verse 7 and 8 (and if you've made it this far without crying my hats off to you)

They lifted her up from the frozen ground,

and placed her into the sleigh. It was then they saw the little mouse wrapped up.

She kept him warm with her fur.

Oh thank you Santa for finding us...

Dear cat wake up we are saved!

I'm sorry mouse, but your friend has died. There's nothing more we can do. On Christmas Eve she gave you her life, the greatest gift of them all."

Me: sobbing uncontrollable "This is just awful. Poor kitty"

Stephen blowing nose some more in the kitchen.

Last couple of verses:

Santa lifted the cat up, into the night sky

and laid her to rest among the stars.

"Dear mouse don't cry you are not alone,

you will see your friend every year.

Each Christmas a cat constellation will shine...

to remind us that her love's still there."

Me "That's the saddest Christmas song I've ever heard. I don't think we should play that cd anymore."

Stephen "I told you."

Since then I've showed the lyrics to some of my co-workers and also had them crying. I'm telling you, this is the saddest Christmas song you'll ever hear. And of course we'll play the cd and the song again and again.

Here is a link that might be useful: 13 December 2005 - The Cat Carol

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I can't answer your question...I just don't know what makes some people tick. I can tell you that was so sad I couldn't even read all of the lyrics.

Foxy who is now going to cuddle with some of her cats.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

I know! Just wait though. I found an ILLUSTRATED version online too! Complete w/ tears streaming down the cheeks of the reindeer!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Cat Carol

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Yes it is a sad song to listen to, but so is Christmas Shoes and you know what I still listen to both of them all the time. Here's my take, this is about self-sacrifice and that's what Christmas is about, sort of I mean we don't necessarily have to go to great lengths to have ourselves die to keep someone else alive but Christmas is the season of giving and that is what the Cat did "On Christmas Eve she gave you her life,
the greatest gift of them all." is how the lyrics go and that's just it, this song is supposed to be reflective and making people cry works better because then they actually start to understand because they are outside of their comfort zone.

Anyway, that's just my take, keep playing the song every year because Christmas just isn't complete in my house without crying.

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*sobs* ah... so sad.

I belive that people write and sing sad Christmas songs for two reasons:

1. They explain. They enlighten. They teach. They reveal. They convey meaning. They cause emotions. Sad ones, yes, but aren't those the ones that you remember the most? The ones that stick? That you want to listen to again, depsite their sadness?

2. It's a sad, sad fact, but these aren't just some sad fairytale. True, they might not have actually happened, but people go through things like this every day. Winter can kill someone, even when it's not the season outside. The winter in one's heart, it's cold fingers grasping them tightly. Children alone, forgotten, abandoned. Teens abused, neglected, twisted. Adults abused, misused, suffocated. It's a part of the world we wish to turn a blind eye to. All the hurt... all the pain... These songs keep us from neglecting those in need. The remind us that there is someone out there that needs a hand this Christmas, and try to get us to be the one that reaches out. To help a soul in need. Maybe we don't need to lay our life down, maybe all they need is a smile, but I believe that sad Chrismtas songs are God's way of touching other's hearts, compelling them to offer a hand.

In the Cat Carol, the cat gave the mouse a place to stay warm. In turn, though, the cat lost it's life. But it's spirit lays on, and it paved the path for other's to follow. Say that wasn't a cat? Say it was a teen, and the mouse was a child. Say that the teen had been walking, a runaway from an abusive, neglective home, and the child was an orphan, neglected, alone. By chance the two are brought together. They huddle in the snow, hoping that morning will bring light into their darkend world. Santa's a sympathetic adult, who walks over to the homless duo, offering their house on Christmas Eve. The teen is gone, having layed down their life for the child they wanted to protect from the cold.

You see. It could happen. Maybe not a cat and a mouse. But two helpless children, two helpless people, two helpless souls left in the cold, lost in the winter.

I made myself cry writing that. >.Anyway, I didn't mean anything by that. It's my opinion, and it's not there to hurt feelings or make other's look bad. It's there to say what I feel needs to be said.

Another song I love, that's sad, is of course Christmas Shoes.

Also, Concrete Angel has to be one of the saddest songs that I've heard in a while. It's not Christmas related, but I can't help thinking of it every time I'm touched by a song.

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