My curly hair and hijab lol

chloeashaDecember 30, 2005

LOL! So I decided if my mom was going to freak out on me.. I'd just meet her wearing a hijab I got on ym honeymoon. I don't wear it.. but oh it was fun. I had actually curled my hair... Here I am, after I met with them... and was already back home and in my PJs (for the curly hair, I took the hijab one before I met them). It was a rather fun time :)

Ahh and you can see the necklace my Dh had made for me this summer.

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Julianna. Those are very nice pictures of you. You are a very pretty gal.

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Thanks! i did post a reply to this...

Anyway you can see the necklace Ammar had made for me this summer as well! Yay!

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I like your hair curly! And this sounds strange, but your eyebrows are perfectly shaped! LOL! I cant tell, what does your necklace say?


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LOL! My eyebrows are something I have always been lucky with. I only have a few stray hairs that need plucking.. and that's them unplucked.. the strays are hard to see in pics :)

Thanks about the hair!

My necklace says "Julianna" and has 2 hearts and 2 birds on it.

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