I am just going to picture you guys to death

chloeashaDecember 30, 2005

So... my babies... awww :) Ptolemy is the orange tabby, belfry is the black one, and Mudpuddle is the white one with the spots :)

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Hi Julianna,

What cute kitties. How long have you had them? Will you be able to take them overseas with you. Was I correct that you are moving to Jordan?


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Hi Larry! Ptolemy (top one) is 8, Puddles (bottom one) is 5, and Belfry (the black one) is 3 :)

I shouldn't have to worry about taking them overseas since we won't be moving over there for a while.. right now we're working on immigration for him and he won't be able to come here until that is set... if he can get a student visa that will be the fastest even though it's not a green card... but otherwise I may be looking at not seeing him for the next 9 months.

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Sorry I realized I forgot to say-- yes, if I have to, I can take them overseas :) i will if they are still alive!

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Oh, they are good looking kitties. Dare I ask about the rest? Mine are adjusting to being OutDoorsMen very well. They have ALL learned to climb the fence, even though they are quite aged. I would never have thought a 12 yo would be interested in another yard. They hunt chickens, and lay about. The eldest, male Siamese stays out until rain, or 53* whichever comes first. In clement weather, he stays out nearly 23 hours a day!

Your kitties are beautiful. Thanks for the enticing portraits.

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Hey Cena! (BTW I got your email and responded).

Christopher threatened and screamed and threw things at me until I finally agreed to take them to the shelter like he wanted. That's what happened to the rest. it broke my heart but I was trying to save a marriage. Didn't work. I still dream about them all the time. As far as I know though, they were all adopted out in a senior's program.

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