Last ones! Dishes for Jen

chloeashaDecember 30, 2005

Hey Jen!!! I know you and I love dishes. Anyway I took a few pics of mine! Here's a sample of each pattern :) :) And the glasses are new too.. I love them but they have to be washed by hand. The fish-blobs are chopstick holders... the teapot is new it's for Ammar since i don't drink tea/coffee... but that's my FAVORITE color. The cowrie is a napkin ring set :) The resin shell I have 4 of those that are that size-- salad size and 3 smaller desert ones :)

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Those glasses are awsome! I LOVE blue glass but always manage to break it.

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These are great! Thanks for sharing the pictures (I'm enjoying all your pics). I'll have more to say later on, but right now I'm trying to get the house ready for a fair sized party, and get some food made. Checking here was my break, but I don't dare spend too long...

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Theresa that's right! You and I love cobalt blue glass... these have to be hand-washed. They were on clearance when I got them from Pier One-- down from $8 each to $1.50 each!!! I was like oh yeah, I'm getting these! They are really thick! I got 5 of each though lol!!

Thanks Jen! I'll look forward to it :)

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Those are just awesome! Nice to get to see them, cause we've heard about the purchases through the years.

I got a bonus this Christmas, 10 Forrest Green champagne flutes! My MIL got them at a yard sale of all places.

Julianna, how do you store all these dishes? I get bored every so often, and decide to replace my everydays, but I always buy cheap to start with so I don't feel guilty about that particular personality flaw. I do have three sets of china, but rarely use them. My first set is only for four and expensive to add to. The second set I love, but it was a yard sale purchase and you take what survived. The third set was given by DH to his first wife. I resisted for a long time, until I found out there was a full set for twelve, orginally 18! Not a pattern I'm that fond of but they are nice dishes, that match, and I can handle a large amount of people with them. I won't be terribly upset if they get damaged, either!

I am a fool for deep intense colors, but i like the ocher flower plate, also! I really like setting my table with my Depression glass and all my green glass, including the candle sticks!

My, I want to come to a dinner party at your house! Or we could just unpack and wash dishes, your choice.

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LOL! You know I just have them out in the cabinets... all those upper cabinets are dishes except for the one with glasses. Some of the sets are just sets for two... and so are very small. I have some antique china I want to unpack from my grandmother.. and I will have to make some room for that in the cabinets.

I'm going to have an Eid party of ONE and take pics of it for Ammar... you could come and help me eat the cake and such :)

You know when i had Christopher's mother's china, we had it stored in those puffy zip cases for china.

Sure! Come on over!

I love deep colors too! i love lots of things lol... that's great that you got those glasses! Awesome!

Here's a close-up of that plate..:

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Very nice pics! I love them all! And I really love that teapot!

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Back again--
You have some great dishes! Do you have sets for all of them, or are some stricly serving pieces? I do that sometimes-- if I don't feel justified in buying a whole set of something, I pick up serving pieces only, and used with solid color plates they can still dress up a table a lot.
That square blue (cherry blossom?) plate you posted first-- I lusted after that very set in T. J. Maxx, but didn't really have the extra cash to spend on it at the time. I just love them -- got myself one medium-sized bowl. I don't have any dinnerware that goes with it, but it's good for a simple water-based flower arrangement (and I hated to leave the display empty-handed!)
The stuff is all wonderful! I love the rice bowl-- it's so vibrant. The flatware is great, too. Nice collection!
My old camera is in dire condition (estimate of $795 to fix it--- I think not) and I have to take some time to install the new one's software on the computer--- then maybe I'll shoot some of my dishes, too.

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Thanks Tisha!

Jen-- they are all sets but some are just sets for 2, and others are sets for 4... it's just whatever was available or that I could afford...

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I am playing around with my camera and found this picture I took of my thrift sale Italian ceramic relish tray. I was going to post on this thread months ago

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Diane, that is wonderful! The hand painting on that makes it unique. I am always on the look out for chicken stuff for my mom, so I can tell you (as you probably know) that is a nice piece,

Julianna may check in here, but is currently involved with immigration paperwork. Lots and lots of stuff going on.
She just sent me her blog addy, so anyone wanting to read, please contact me, and I will pass it on.

I became so fascinated with some of her dishes, I was pleased to find one of the ones I really liked at PierOne discounts, but only in the bread plate size. I do like that ocher flower plate!

I find this a whole nother collector thing. I have 2nd hand china, and things that were bought for me. I don't find dishes 'speak' to me... But I have an acre or so of glass. Tell me the differnce, and why bottles, jars, shapes, colors , make the difference with glass. I am hoping DH will build me some nice shelves specifically for windows, and fit them in, with room to display some of my colored glass.

Okay, I've confessed. I'm obsessed with glass. Green glass, see it here:

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I am also into glass. And I used to be into pottery. We finally had a micro wave shelf built above our stove. We now have more open shelves in our kitchen that is filled with pottery-many wedding presents from 1972. That made room for more glassware in a built in liquor shelf. I also have my grandmothers china cabinet and a few pieces of her green and pink dishes along with cut glass from germany that was my great grandmothers. My kids give me glass ware and dishes for presents. And now dd is into cobalt.

But you know, it's all "stuff." More and more "stuff" that I love. I ran into a woman who's house burned down along with all of her "stuff." She had recently been divorced and and wasn't that upset about her stuff-she was more upset about her gardens. She talked about a friend who had recently divorced himself from all of his stuff-he gave everything away and is living a simple life and loves it. I now ask myself, could I do that. My stuff just seems so important to me! I just love that ceramic relish tray and for now anyway, I would not want to give it away.

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