Decorating a Baker's Rack

GrowHappy(z7 MD)December 5, 2005

I need some ideas Gw'ers! Mine will be delivered on 12/24/05 and I am SO excited! It's antique ivory with glass shelving. I know that I can place plants on there, namely a Philo scandens and a Philo micans, but I need other ideas. The wall is the color of thyme and the dining room table is oak. My kitchen and dining room area are decorated with an Italian theme- grapes, wine, cheese, e.t.c.

I'll need to use the BR for practical purposes as well as deocorative ones. TIA!


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Hi GH,

What kind of lighting will the backer's rack have?


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Oh, by the way, it sounds beautiful


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It does sound very nice indeed!
Are you asking for suggestions of what plants would go well on your baker's rack, or for suggestions of other things to decorate it along with the plants? If the latter-- does your family like fruit? A nice bowl (Italian alabaster? Glass etched with a grape motif?) with snack fruit might look nice.

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so might some nice cookbooks.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Hi Larry and Jen!

Larry- It will have soft white lighting coming from the dining room ceiling above.

Jen- what a great idea of the alabaster fruit bowl. Perfect! It'll be fun shopping for this item too. Cookbooks are also a great idea for practicality. I love to cook and I have several cookbooks. Oh, you know, I forgot about the Atlanta Junior Leage cookbook I bought while in college. It has a beige hardcover and tabbed entries. It's time to bring it out of the darkness of my cabinet! I think it will look pretty nice on the BR.

I just thought of something else. I've seen some pictures of dinner plates that are contained on little stands. Where should I look for this item?

Thanks to you both for responding....


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Cena(S CA 10A)

I'm sorry, I meant to post to this a couple of days ago... Gah, the holidays over take and over come!

I decided to use my first BR as a place to show and grow my orchids. I also used colored glass as it was next to/in front of a nice window. I tend to follow much of the advice that Christopher L's advice to elevate and arrange items on different levels. To this end, I have kept a quantity of old, not great encyclopedias that have grand gold leaf edges. No one will ever be looking anything up in them, but they look good, even laying on their side and do the job of elevating.

Many of my nicer cache pots were used with the orchids, and I threw in a cat toy that the cats never played with.

The next shelf down I tied up to the frame so there was more height for the shelf below that, where my fountain was.

Here is what I am talking about in a corner shot of the shelf.

On this other BR, the top level glass shelves had been broken so I used free standing racks with shelves built in and some funky plant 'furniture'.

Another cache pot, and how I fit the two shelves together in front of the only large window... You don't see a lot of detail, but you get more of a look at how I 'decorated' the BR's.

This sounds like a fun project, so enjoy it and have fun. Then you have to post pix when done (so we can borrow your ideas!)

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Cena! I'm in total awe of the orchid pic above. Oh, and I love the little pot on the bottom. It looks like it has feet. What is the plant in there, BTW? Looking at your set up is making me want to buy another BR and use it ONLY for my plant friends. Using a fountain on the bottom shelf sounds like a fine idea to promote humidity for the plants living above. Do you have any pics of your fountain?

I'm buying myself a digital camera for Christmas, so I should be able to take lots of pics. I can't wait to share them with ya'll!

Thanks Cena,

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Cena(S CA 10A)

The plant in the footed pot (yep, they look sorta like little sneakers) is a Colmnerea 'Wildcat'. It was the one that bloomed on its own, early this summer.

I have a pic of the fountain, I 'think' but its old and before I went nuts with plants. I will have to look around and see. May take awhile.

Because I had only the one window, I had to go verticle with my plants to use the light. The only way I could think to do that was with BR's. They are a great storage and decorative item. I only used it 'one' of the ways.

Oh, a better pix of the freestanding shelves and a battery operated fountain.

It looks like I left the shelf where it was supposed to be. Maybe when I moved here I fixed the shelf up?

No, it was the shelf right below that... never mind.

I shoulda looked here first, hun?

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