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GrowHappy(z7 MD)December 1, 2005

I'm on the market for a new computer and coworkers seem to think that Dell is the best thing smokin these days. I need one for home use(internet and digital photos) and will regularly connect in to my office server to work from home on the weekends and some weeknights.

Anyway, do any of you own Dells and if so, what do you think of them? They seem not to be very expensive, which is great. I'm working with a Gateway bought in 1999 right now. I have less than 256 mb of memory, so you can imagine the problems I have!


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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)


Do you have Costco in your area? I just heard on the radio today that they are going to be carrying Dell Computers for a while. In case you don't know Costco is a warehouse store like Sam's club. Wait and see what kind of prices they come out with. They should be cheaper than maybe buying one in an electronics store, but maybe not as cheap as buying direct from Dell.

My family has a Dell PC and there aren't any real problems with it. The help-line staff has been very helpful and paitient with calls. I know those extended warranties are really just a scam, but they got it on their computer and when they have a problem someone comes direct to the door to fix it.

Just something for you to think about.


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tisha_(z7 OKC)

We've had Dell's here in the library for about the last 5 years and we love them. We had Gateways before, so now we're totally spoiled. LOL We rarely have problems w/ them. Usually any problems we DO have are caused by the user. lol Let's see...right now we have at least 75 Dell computers and they're all running great.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

When I was computer shopping for an upgrade two years ago, the tech at my ISP (where they also make computers to spec, repair those bought elsewhere) told me Dell is often a very good product at a great price. The problem can be, they buy components in bulk from whichever vendor is offering the best price at time of order, and occasionally something will arrive with your purchase that is inferior quality...bad mouse, defective part etc. - while the quality is generally good, there are times when it's inconsistent.

My ISP would have made the same computer, same operating system, monitor as the Dell I was pricing, exceeded the warranty plus transferred all my files and given me same day service for any problems arising - but at a difference of $600 and I just didn't have it at the time. I went with the Dell, and while it would have been nice to shop locally, I haven't had reason to be sorry. (my computer gets a lot of personal use, plus I do the invoicing, payroll, taxes for our small business here at home)

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

MBT- now that is what I call Disney service! My mouth just dropped when you said someone comes to your door to fix your PC! How awesome is that? Yeah, I thought about it and bought the Dell direct online. I'm waiting for a confirmation of estimated build time and ship time. I'm hoping it will arrive before Christmas.

Yes, Tisha, I know about operator error. LOL That's what causes about 90% of computer problems. I need someone to be there for me in a big way when I goof. I'm very PC literate, so I don't forsee that happening, but you never know!

We have Dells at work and everyone loves them. However, last week we moved our department to another location and now we all have WinTerms(something I know very little about). We no longer have a typical hard drive(tower), rather a little digital box looking thing in it's place. The mouse and keyboards are still the same, for the most part. I hate new keyboards because they are so stiff and take some getting used to. I complained enough about this new keyboard to get a Dell keyboard instead of this piece of crap! I mean, it's all about productivity in the office isn't it?;)

So, anyway, thanks ya'll for your feedback.


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