HAVE: Night blooming cereus epiphyllum curly spider Bonnie Easte

flower.baby(southern oregon)August 20, 2013

I have:
Night blooming cereus cactus cuttings
Orchid cactus epiphyllum unknown color cuttings
Curly spider "Bonnie" babies
Easter cactus with red flowers cuttings
Jade (not sure of the name but it's the plain old jade. Nice sized rooted cuttings
Pregnant onion

Epiphyllum orchid cactus
Unusual begonias
Real Christmas cactus
Easter cactus with any color flowers other than red
Or any other rare/unusual house plant.

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how do you tell the difference between Easter cactus and Christmas cactus i have several that bloom pink but not to sure what type they are, and they bloom when ever twice a year.

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i really want a bonnie baby

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lunaticdeadhead(zone 5)

I have epi cuttings .... king midas , german empress, love swirl.....,..
I have red ric rac
Wanting any that you have listed :)

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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)

If this post is still current, I do have pink Christmas cactus and it is an heirloom plant to my family. I am interested in a trade.

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