No pollen on male yellow squash flowers

wittyraven(4)July 17, 2013

I have one yellow squash plant that keeps producing male flowers with no pollen. Just trying to understand why it's doing that? Am I doing something wrong? I water daily and fertilize every 2 weeks or so. I havent had this issue with any blooms coming off of my zucchini plants(I have 7 of those) so I went ahead and used them to pollinate the yellow's and it seems to be working. Before they were rotting off the vine and now they are looking healthy. There are about 10 fruit growing on that one plant but still no fertile males. Just trying to understand the lack of pollen on the one plant and figure out what caused it so I can avoid it next year..Any ideas?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

There might not be a lot of it, you might not be able to detect it, but I am sure there is enough of it in every healthy male flower. I am also hand pollenating squash. So far I have done half a dozen or so.

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Well I was trying to pollinate with them even though I couldnt see any pollen. And my squash were dieing... they stopped dieing after I started pollinating with the zucchini blooms... just strange.

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Really strange because I was wondering the exact same thing yesterday! There was a female flower open and the male flower was almost open so i pealed it open and to be surprise, there didnt seem to be any pollen!? Just the yellow clump in the middle. I went ahead to hand pollinate anyway but I dont think I succeeded because the fruit behind the female flower doesnt look any bigger today... this isnt my first time hand pollinating but ive never come across a male with no pollen! Hoping things will get better next round!

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