Holes in pepper leaves

jonfrum(6)July 8, 2012

I'm getting small holes in some of my pepper leaves. They generally appear on small leaves at the top of the plant, and they're about the size of a dull pencil point. I never see any bugs on the plants. The photo is the best I could do. The leaf is about an inch across. There's usually a dull dry brown around the edge of the hole.

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Did you check the bottom side of the leaves? Usually, insect like to do their damage from below, so you won't see then if you just walk by. There are a number of bugs that could be eating your peppers, so it's hard to tell you where to start, but flea beetles sound likely.


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I did have flea beetles on my potatoes, so that makes sense. They haven't re-appeared on the potatoes since I sprayed with pyrethrum-rotenone.

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