Help please!! All of my plants are dying.

bwjkrOctober 22, 2007

Please help me.

I bought many houseplants when I moved into my house in April. Since, then almost all have one by one died.

This starts with the leaves becoming extremely soggy and turning yellow, on all of the plants.

Could it because the house is a little damp or because of bugs??

Please help.

And what is the name of this plant?

Image link:

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Sounds like you may be over-watering which is sometimes easy to do. Many plants like to dry out or, at least partially dry out before adding anymore water.
The only thing I can say is, you might want to do some research on the plants your interested in "before" buying them, or ask someone here how they take care of a particulair plant as far as light and water requirements.

The picture is a little small, but it looks like it might be a Schefflera, aka, Umbrella tree.They like some direct sun and to dry out between waterings.

Billy Rae

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