Dying kumquat tree

maximus852(5 OH)November 2, 2005

I've had this tree as a houseplant for the past six months, and a week ago it started dropping leaves like crazy. At first I thought it was just a few, but every few days it will drop about 5 leaves at once, and for a tree this size thats alot. I think it may have been stressed from a few things. My ferret dug into this pot several times in one week recently, and once or twice the roots became exposed (I changed things so she can't get to this tree anymore), I may have over fertilized it recently, and the weather is changing here and it was right next to a poorly insulated window. I noticed the pot was really cold, and I've since pulled it back a foot. Here's a picture of a few of the leaves, maybe you can tell what is wrong from that. Thanks.

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There are so many possibilitys. First in the picture I see a couple of white dots, could these be pests or some kind of reflection in the lense? I also noticed the leaves dropped without the stem...again could be several reasons the first two that come to mind are winter leaf drop and spider mites. I think you should start by checking your tree for pests, including spider mites, you need to be sure the tree has the proper light, decent humidity and make sure the tree is warm enough. If you fear you may have over ferterlized you may want to flush the soil.


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