Sevin Insecticide

skeipJuly 6, 2012

I can't tell from the info on the bottle if liquid Sevin has a residual preventative effect, or if it is only toxic when sprayed wet. I am trying to keep the Japanese Beetles from eating my Basil and Marigolds. TYIA.


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zzackey(8b GA)

We used to use the Japanese beetle traps. They were quite pricey, but we could buy new little inserts for them and reuse them. They are kinda stinky, but they work well. It's gross to empty the bag of dead beetles, but a real joy not to have my roses ate up. That was back in the 80's I don't know if they still make them. We don't have them down here. Lots of other pests tho!

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Yes, they still make Japanese Beetle traps, and they're front and center this time of year when you walk in the door at places like Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware.

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Sevin Insecticide has a life of 2 weeks. The instructions are clear about what you can spray. If a plant isn't listed, don't use Sevin on it. The Instructions will tell you to wait 2 weeks to harvest so there is no residual product on your plants.

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Most vegetables 1 day. Leafy types and fruits longer. It has virtually no residual preventive effect. A contact insecticide that will take out beetles that are present during application. Those that arrive the next day will be safe. That is why we can use it on insect pollinated plants by spraying in late afternoon after bees stop working and they will be fine next day. Don't use dust tho,it is water activated and the powder can last until it gets wet.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Steve , what is the percentage of your Sevin? If we know that, we can look up the label and help you properly interpret all of the information.

I hate seeing you use Sevin on marigolds, though, or basil if it's in bloom. Bees and other pollinators will be in serious peril. It is also very toxic to earthworms. Also important to remember is that the use of Sevin often results in a serious population explosion of other pests...especially spider mites...probably due to the loss of the population of beneficials.

Anyway, that's not what you asked. Let us know the formulation of your product so we can help you with what you need to know.

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zackey, we usually have tons of japanese beetles here in North Carolina. Unfortunately, while you can trap hundreds of the little buggers, they can fly for a couple of miles and you are just drawing more in to bother you and your neighbors.

The generally accepted solutions are:
drown um,
squish um,
and poison them with the warnings already given.

I don't usually use poison on veggies. I once met someone with a beautiful rose garden (JBs favorite) and she said it was that way because she used sevin, so I guess it works. Everyone else's roses were decimated.

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Agreed, Idon't like using pesticides either, especially on something that I plan to eat. The Sevin is just the stuff from the hardware store that you mix with water. The label says it's safe for leafy vegetables, lettuce, etc, but not to eat for 5 days after application, and then wash well. I have a 1 quart spray bottle that I use to spot apply directly to the beetles, not widely broadcasting and killing the beneficials as well.

I have a "sacrificial" rose bush that seems to lure them in and keep them off other plants, there I can spray them directly while they are on the flowers. Funny thing, the JB are not bothering the basil planted in the ground 5 feet away, just the stuff that is in a planter box 4' away. Tonight, I am going to try building a "hoop tunnel" with floating row cover and dowels, sealed as tightly as I can make it, to hopefully create a physical barrier and keep them out. Doesn't have to be pretty, but I really want the basil for cooking! The marigolds, I'm not so sure yet. I may just continue the spot control like on the roses.

I haven't tried the traps, but I read somewhere the best place to put them is in your neighbors yard!! Thanks everyone for the advice. I love this forum, good advice, and always quickly offered!


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buford(7 NE GA)

I tried the traps once. I had so many JBs that I had to spray them with Sevin because they were destroying cherry and crepe myrtle trees. I sprayed the bugs, not the plants. I don't know if there is a residual effect to kill them if they land later. I've used it on eggplant leaves for flea beetles, but I don't think I'd eat anything I used it on.

Milky Spore works very well. Honestly I haven't seen that many JBs after that massacre a few years ago. Maybe I wiped out the local population.

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For the most part, non-greenhouse/enclosed-area traps are great for getting an idea of pest population in an area, but horrible for actually eradicating a pest.

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Plant garlic around your roses.

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I use traps, some years I catch several QUARTS of them, this year it's very light on JBs. I use the plastic trap, used to be made by Teece, now they're called "Tanglefoot" I believe. They work very well.

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