Pepper and Eggplant with yellowing/singed leaves

fallofrainJuly 12, 2009

I have started a container garden for the first time this year on my deck (IÂm completely new to gardening) and have had some problems with a hot banana pepper and eggplants.

The bananna pepper is flowering setting fruit (two very small ones for now) but its leaves look yellow and compared to my other pepper plant looks weak.

I also have another pepper plant that seems like its doing ok. Both have been treated the same. IÂve had some flower/fruit drop on both peppers, more on the non-banana pepper (but I think thatÂs because that plan has had so many flowers). When they drop it usually looks like something cut their stems.

The eggplant hasnÂt flowered yet and its still a bit small (I planted it about a month ago) but its lowest leaves are yellow and the middle leaves are yellow around the edges and look singed. The upper leaves and new growth look fine for now.

As far as potting soil  I know a lot more now and would not repeat this  but I used aproximately half miracle grow potting soil/half a planting mix that had much lower fertilizer (something like 5/4/3) in an attempt to cut the miracle grow (I know better now but there isnÂt a good variety of soils in my area). I also added about ¼ of the ozmocote time release (14.14.14) recommended and some bone meal and a little bit of sulfer below the seedlings for the peppers. The eggplant got everything but the bone meal and sulfur.

IÂve only watered the eggplant and peppers a few times this year beause of all the rain and do let them dry out before I do ( I stick my finger down into the soil to make sure its dry, with no rain itÂs about once a week  but usually it rains before I need to water). Twice IÂve watered with diluted liquid seaweed. I also sprayed them with a diluted epsom salt foliar spray once a couple weeks ago.

The only other thing is that both the hot banana and eggplant had a few aphids at some point on their leaves but I picked them off on a few differed occasions. I was going to use an vegitable insecticide recommended to me by someone but they didnÂt seem to come back and I didnÂt want to spray them with chemicals if I didnÂt have to.

And thatÂs it. IÂm not sure why the one seems to be thriving and the other not so much  please let me know any sugguestions. Thanks very much in advance.


Banana Pepper

Other Pepper:

Thanks very much in advance

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lantanascape(z6 Idaho)

My peppers were looking like that, and greened up after putting some Miracle Grow rose food on them (can't remember the composition) followed a week later by organic fertilizers (kelp meal, bone meal and fish emulsion). The synthetic fert gives them a quick boost when they're stressed, and the organic is a little gentler/longer lasting.

I would guess that the fertilizer is being leached from your containers with all the rain, so I'd be adding a fertilizer weekly until the weather dries out, then maybe ever 2 weeks after that.

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I use tomato tone on my pepper plants (left over from last year), and they LOVE it.

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Thanks very much - I was so worried about over fertilizing! I have some some more osmocote smart release -do you think that would help right off and over time or do I need to get the liquid stuff?

I have plenty of bone meal/blood meal and liquid seaweed to help long term as well.

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lantanascape(z6 Idaho)

I would use some of the blood meal or a liquid fert with a decent amount of N to get them to green back up right away, then you could do more Osmocote in a week or so for the longer-term feeding. You might be able to make a "tea" with your organic fertilizers to give them a boost. The yellowing is most likely nitrogen deficiency, so I'd make sure that they get enough of that in whatever you decide to give them.

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Yellowing in container planting is normal. It is due to small space for roots and thirst. The roots that are packed againt the container wall(s) alway are thirsty and get too much heat. Root bound plants tend to be dwarf.
On this same principle they grow BONSAi plants, by further trimming the roots. If you transplant those small , flowering eggplants in the garden , with good growing condiions, the chance are that they will abort those flowes/ fruits and will resume growing bigger.

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Thanks Cyrus, unfortunately I don't have a garden to transplant them into - I live in a city and the deck is my only space The eggplants don't seem to be flowering yet. Do you think I should transplant them into bigger pots?

I should qualify that they are japanese eggplant, I believe ichiban. Thanks!

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