How Many Watermelons to Keep Each Plant?

achang89(Z6)July 14, 2014

I grow about 8 watermelon plants, Crimson Sweet and another unknown variety. They grow well and the largest one is about 6" large.

I also see quite a few smaller melons and female flowers growing. So my question is that, should I limit the numbers of fruits on each vine? I do allow the plants to grow to open areas, so that is not a problem. My concern is that, if I allow to plants to set many fruits, would each fruit small?

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

An overload of melons can hurt size and quality. You have some medium melons and one/ones unknown which doesn't help giving help.
I have seen a medium or so melon like Sangria have 5 melons in the first set. They tended to be 18 or 19 pounds apiece and not top quality as Sangria can be about the best there is. two 25 pound Sangrias are better than 5 only fair ones.

In your case, it is partly a matter of how healthy the plants are. If they are vibrantly healthy, they can handle 3 at a time. If average, only 2.

For small varieties...let them set what they will. Very healthy vines can make a nice second setting too.

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I let my melons set as many fruit as they want. The plant will naturally abort some of the fruit. So I let the plant alone and let it do it's own thing. The plant will decide which fruit will mature and which won't.

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