Re-growing lettuce?

leira(6 MA)July 1, 2012

My romaine was getting ready to bolt (it was tasting bitter, and the leaves released a milk-white liquid when cut), so I cut off all of the plants level with the ground, and tossed them into the compost. I didn't uproot them...for no particularly good reason. I see now that many of them are starting to re-grow heads.

Can any good come of this? Will the new lettuce taste OK, or will it also be bitter from the start?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

It will depend on the weather and your watering. Here, given the consistent heat, mine is almost always bitter and never grows all that much. One year that I can recall it was ok, not great but ok, but I prefer to use the space for something better and more productive.


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I have had a baby romaine re-grow regularly and be very edible, It is going to depend on how hot it is there, mine is pretty much in the shade, and in WI instead of Ark.

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So for you reseeders... what do you do? Just leave the plant and let it grow high and reseed? I have my lettuces and spinach now that have bolted (they've grown vertically with high stem) and the spinach has flowers on them. what should I do at this point to get a fall crop out of them?

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yes - leave until seeds mature. Then collect or let them disperse. It takes longer than you think for them to mature, so don't cut them until you have found mature seeds.

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