Glitter on Norfolk Island Pines

karen715(z5 IL)January 6, 2009

My local Home Depot has a few large NIPs (Araucaria heterophylla) on sale for six dollars. I need another large plant like I need a hole in my head, and I already have a nice, but smaller NIP, but I'm still tempted. The only thing is, they were dressed up for Christmas with glitter on the foliage. Other than the glitter they look nice and healthy.

Does anyone know if that stuff washes off?

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elsier(z6 KY)

Hi, Karen. I bought one for a dollar last summer at a yard sale. It was also an Xmas plant, as it had bows on it as well as the glitter. I have sprayed it several times since then and some of the glitter remains. However, the plant seems to be growing and healthy, so I do not think it minds the glitter at all.


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karen715(z5 IL)

Thanks, Elsie. I've decided against buying one this year. I really don't have room. Maybe next year.

Even if the plant doesn't mind the glitter, I do. The fact that at least some of it has come off for you gives me hope.

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If you go to an actual, dedicated garden center, and not a big box retailer, you should have better luck, and they tend to be a little cheaper there, too. I still see a lot of borderline-dead trees in dedicated plant stores, though, so be careful.

The glitter doesn't even look festive. It looks stupid. Why do people abuse these poor, majestic araucarias so...

(They're not even all that delicate. I'm not sure how garden centers kill them off that easily. I'm guessing overwatering. It looks more like rot. But not dropping foliage because of a drought response from root die-back. More like the rot's permeated into the needles, somehow. That actually seems like it'd indicate severe cold damage, but I'm not really sure how that would happen as they're kept indoors).

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karen715(z5 IL)

Amccour, I buy my plants from a variety of places, including box stores, garden centers and mail order. I even stumbled upon a pretty nice Tradescantia at a dollar store once. I purchased the NIP I do own from a local nursery. I am lucky enough to live in an area that has several well-run nurseries that carry houseplants. Many people are not that fortunate, so they need to get their plants wherever they are available. In many places, Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart are the only sources around.

I wasn't looking for a new plant; I was in Home Depot to buy some actual hardware. I just happened to notice the NIPs, and was tempted by large, healthy-looking plants at a low price, so I thought I'd ask if the glitter was permanent.

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Mentha(9 CA)

Hi Karen,
Apparantly the glitter can be removed with warm soapy water. It is an ethanol based glue, according to Fred C. Gloeckner Co. which makes the glues and paints which are sprayed on poinsettias.

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My Father has a NIP that has glitter, however, I see glitter on the new growth as well. I didn't know if this was part of the plant or if the glitter was sprayed on.

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Jackie, the glitter isn't part of the new growth. lol. After time, it loosens..soon your dad will find it on the floor, furniture and flying in the air...Toni

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