Help with African Mask

mamaoftwinsJanuary 11, 2007

I need help for a plant. My friend gave me a plant called an African mask. It was in a very small pot for the plant but healthy. I replanted it into a larger pot and it was doing well, but now it is wilting. The leaves are laying down on the side of the pot and the stems are limp. :( Im keeping the soil moist but not too moist, and its in sunlight but not direct sunlight. Is the plant a goner? Im really hoping not. I live in the High Desert in California. We use a pot belly stove alot right now since its cold (snow will be here in two days) so theres not alot of humidity. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks so much :)

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Alocasia amazonica if you want to look it up....

I had one of these a long time ago and if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have pitched it when it went dormant.

These will need quite a bit of humidity, but should not be misted. You can sit it on a pebble tray, or you might try a small room with a humidifier running (but not pointing at it).

They like bright/filtered light indoors, but shaded outdoors. It is highly possible that the plant is going dormant...if so, don't toss it out....water it every month or so and then put it outside in the shade come spring time.

I have other Alocasias that do the same thing....they are pitiful and I, for the most part, ignore them through the winter. If there are no leaves to use the water, then don't give it excess...just enough to not let the bulb dry out.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Sounds like it was overpotted and is now dying of root rot. You can try taking it out of the pot and trimming away the rotted roots, leaving any healthy ones. Pot in fresh soil and into a smaller, clean(and disinfected!) pot. YOu should have no more than 1-2 inches from root mass to side of the pot. Place in the brightest spot you have, keep warm and be more careful with the watering. Stick your finger in the soil up to the 2nd joint- if it's dry, water. If not, hold off a couple days and check again.

Good Luck,


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

For what it's worth, I had this outside and thought I'd lost it. It came back after about two years--2!!--when we had some good rains. This winter it's under a big light and in the window, and doing great with minimal feeding and watering--feeding because it's growing quite a lot. The extra light has made an amazing difference. I will put it out when the temperatures warm up and leave it in the pot so I can bring it back in next winter. I had read it was hardy here, and I guess it was--but hardy shouldn't mean dormant for so long!

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