What's eating my Brussel Sprouts? (pic)

ray_der_phanJuly 12, 2008

Looks like somebody took a shotgun to a couple of my Brussels Sprouts, Kohlrabi, Broccoli and Cauliflower plants. I inspect them daily but haven't seen one bug on them. Whatever is munching on them must be nocturnal. Anybody have an idea what's causing this? I have some Sevin spray but am reluctant to use it. Will the plants recover from this if I stop it now? Here's a pic of the worst one.....

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Looks like snails and slugs to me. Have you looked at them at night?

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Slugs are a possibilty, but I would bet on the cabbage worm. BT (DIPEL or Thuricide) is the most effective.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabbage Worm

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I thought snails & slugs initially but I have laid down some sluggo for the past month. I do have a lot of snails and slugs in the area but none living :)

Thanks for the link. Cabbage worms is a good possibility. We do have those moths around and I have seen those tiny worms on my tomato plants before, just never have seen them on any other plants.

Thanks for the info and suggestions. I'm gonna take my flashlight out tonight in hopes of catching the little pests red-handed.

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jimster(z7a MA)

The pattern of holes doesn't look like slug damage to me, which is more irregular and goes in from the edges. I'm thinking cabbage worms.

Since the sprouts are yet to form, I think you can solve this in time to get a good crop.


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Hi, Have you noticed any bird-poo on the ground near your veggies? I had a couple of wood pigeons hanging out on the telephone wire everyday whilst my Broccoli was being destroyed at a rate of knots. Went through a whole long list of bugs n slugs until I saw them pesky birds munching on the leafs. Only lost 1 plant before making bird scarers.

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Could it be grasshoppers? I have some similar damage to my Brussels sprouts. I haven't seen a single worm or caterpillar, but I have tons of hoppers. Every time I step, half a dozen hop out of my way.

Pyola and Spinosad are organic pesticides, and I've had good luck with them. They even got rid of the flea beetles (for the moment, anyway).

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Thanks for the replies. My mind is spinning with possible culprits. I haven't found any bird poop near my plants and where they are located it would be hard for the birds to reach. Flea Beetles are a strong possibility as is the Cabbage Loopers. I linked the Flea Beetle and the damage it causes. It sure describes something very similar to what I'm seeing. I had them on my cucumbers and corn before but haven't seen them or any bug near my Sprouts. I'm gonna keep a close eye on them tonight and tomorrow....hope I catch whatever it is in action. Thanks for the info on the organtic pesticides as well. I'm gonna look into it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flea Beetle

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Could be just the picture, but doesn't that look like a little green worm on one of the leaf edges in the lower right hand corner?

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LOL, it sure does Holly. Never noticed it before but it's just the way the leaf is bent.

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Cabbage worm for sure!
Fought the little demons on my brussel sprouts until a month ago. I won.
Then this morning found the plants covered again.
Hate to kill the little green 'inch worms' all over them, but have to do it.
Good luck.

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