Other then squishing, what can I do about Squash bug eggs?

crabjoe(z7 MD)July 5, 2007

I went out to pick some squash this morning and found a cluster of Squash bug eggs. I squished them, picked some fruit and come in. Then sitting here, I figured if there's one cluster of eggs, there's gotta be a Squash bug somewhere.

Back out I went during lunch. I found 7 more clusters of eggs and 2 squash bugs laying eggs. They are both dead now.

Now, I'm wondering...

Just how many clusters do Squash bugs lay? Is it one cluster per squash bug? If it's only one cluster, do they die after they lay or do they just need to mate again before more eggs will appear?

Other then squishing the eggs, is there any other way to eliminate them? I was going to use Sevin, but I'm reading chemicals are not really effective on the eggs and I should wait for them eggs the develop.

Personally, I don't want to give them a chance to develop for them to become a bigger problem.

Man... What the heck is my world coming to? 1st Japanese beetles, then Stink bugs and now Squash bugs!

BTW, if I take a lighter to the eggs, will that work without to much damage to the plant? Because the eggs are so hard, I have a feeling I'm not getting them all squished with some falling to the ground.

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Here is a document on
Controlling the Squash Bug and Squash Vine Borer.

Table of Contents
* Introduction
* Life Cycle and Characteristics: Squash Bug
* Life Cycle and Characteristics: Squash Vine Borer
* Planning for Control
* Levels of Control in Certified Organic Production
** Systems-based practices (level 1)
** Mechanical and physical practices (level 2)
** Material (level 3)
* Row Covers
* Host Preference and Genetic Resistance
* Other Cultural and Physical Controls
** Experimental, creative approaches
** Recommended strategies
* Biological Control
* Kaolin Clay
* Alternative Insecticides
* References

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ole_dawg(7 UpCountry SC)

Living in MD I would think you would know what to do with little eggs like that. They look like crab eggs to me. I would suggest that you collect them, keeping them in the frig until you have enough and fry them with scrambled eggs which is what I do when I find crabs with eggs clusters. absolutely super good to eat.
In fact just thinking about it I am going to go fry a little joul and scramble some eggs in the fat.

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I've used a piece of masking tape to collect the eggs from leaves without harming the leaves. Then, I fold the tape over the eggs and... SQUISH THEM!

Also, some folks lay boards by their squash plants and then periodically lift them, to find the squash bugs hiding underneath.

Tahlequah, OK

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Take some dishwashing liquid soap. I put a couple of good squirts in a glass with some water and mix. Then get an eye dropper and put a drop or two on each egg cluster. Will also effectivle kill the adults if drop on them and trhey can usually be found at the base of the plant. Insects breath through the skin and the soap coats the eggs or adults when applied directly on then and suffocates them. The eggs don't hatch and you can watch the adults die a painful death in a couple of minutes of pleasurful entertainment. It does however cause a burn spot on the leaves but is no more harmful to the plant than squishing and much easier.The cardboard or other board material placed near the base of the plant is very effective in providing cover for the bugs and makes it easy to find them. It is also not a good idea to mulch squash because this gives them places to hide. Rodger

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Ditto on Rodger's comments. A soap spray will kill squash bugs at all stages (including the eggs) as long as they are thoroughly soaked. Adding oil or sugar to the mix makes it more effective, and might even kill cucumber beetles as well... but as Rodger says, beware of leaf burn. Spray the smallest area possible, and if feasible, rinse the leaves as soon as the bugs are dead.

Unfortunately, they seem to often lay multiple clusters of eggs... so if you find one, search for others. I always miss a few, but the nymphs that hatch are as easy to kill with soap spray as aphids.

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I bet some orange oil in water dabbed on the eggs would work too. I may just try it tomorrow to see. Have you guys had personal experience with the soapy water? If it works, that would certainly be easier than picking off a squishing, which is what I currently do.
Mrs H

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crabjoe(z7 MD)

If you use the soapy water on the eggs, how can you tell if they died? And if soapy water can burn the leaves, I'm really thinking about taking a lighter to the eggs. It might leave a burn on a small section of the leaf, but I'll know them eggs are cooked.

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Okay, I tried the Neem today. Other than the very smallest of nymphs, it seemed to only be a minor inconvenience to the bugs and I watched one that I soaked in a PUDDLE of Neem for 10 minutes. He was kind of slow climbing the stalk to try to get dried out, but didn't die.

So, I am using the standard 70% Neem at 2 Tbsp per gallon. I take it this is too dilute to work?

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Okay - I had these varmints last year but they don't seem to be around this season. I found them a lot easier to control than SVB, so they were a minor annoyance to me. Each day I went out to my plants and inspected for egg clusters, which I removed easily with the sticky side of masking tape. Makes short work and also picks up the tiny nymphs. The adults you have to squish if you can catch them.

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I found some organic squash bug killer on Google called mr. malcolm's squash bug eliminator that kills eggs and adults. I've tried everything else in the past but this stuff works. I tried neem oil but it left a taste after using it for a while. Little devils are persistent.

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I've started a group on Facebook about getting rid of Squash Bugs. This isn't a promotional page so please don't come there and spam it. Please do come and share your advice about getting rid of squash bugs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Getting rid of Squash Bugs on Facebook

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