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marcel_nlJanuary 31, 2014

Hi all,
Time to stop lurking and check in (first post). What an excellent resource this forum has been for me. I only recently got 'into' house plants and lucky for me I found this place. Thank you all for sharing you knowledge, with special thanks to user Al (tapla), learning a lot from all your posts.

Just a quick background: I started in december last year with a few plants I thought would be relatively beginner friendly:
- chlophytum (2x)
- pogonatherum
- spatyphylum

All is well so far :) I'll try to attach some photo's...

At this moment I have a very nice rather large container for a 'semi-bright' spot without direct sunlight, for which I need to find an actual plant. I'm leaning towards one of dracaena varieties, we'll see.

Again, thank you all very much and I hope it won't be too long before I can actually contribute anything..

- Marcel

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Two more pictures..:

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last one..

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Hi Marcel,
Woot, I'm the first to welcome you to GW! You apparently have been bitten by the houseplant bug. I'm sorry to inform you, it isn't curable. In fact, it gets worse. ;) You have a nice collection already. I have to say, I've never heard of Pogonatherum before, I had to look that one up. I don't believe that's something they carry here where I live (at least I don't remember seeing one). How's the weather in the Netherlands?


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi Marcel, welcome to GW! Lovely collection you have started. Clearly you have no self control to come here, where you'll only be enabled with your illness, like Planto said. It's OK, you'll be in like company, and always someone around with much more severe symptoms to make you feel more normal. Very cool for you to have such an unusual plant (at least to those in the US) to bring to the forum.

Is the green pole in the 1st pic a lamp? What are the small plants in the background? Is the garden outside the window your doing also? I think that's the most awesome windowsill I've ever seen!

Planto, I had to look it up too. Looks like a cool bamboo-type plant. Kinda similar to a palm, if the pics I saw of bigger specimens were accurate. Darn cute as a clump of juveniles too.

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Hi Planto,
Thanks for the welcome! The Pogonatherum was actually the very first house plant I got. Bought it as an impulse buy in the local supermarket. At home it made me notice how 'lifeless' it was indoors and I realized I needed more. So you are right, it has gotten worse already :)

Weather is actually very very good today for a change: 10 out of 10, woohoo!

Hows the weather across the pond? Very cold I keep hearing?

- Marcel

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Hi Purpleinopp,

Haha, nice to know I'm not the only one suffering from this :) I don't often get THIS enthuasiastic over anything, but when I do there is always a danger of it getting out of hand (I have a watch collection to testify :)
To answer your questions: yes, green pole is a lamp with a colourfull 'hat' that is not pictured and the small plants in the background are actually plastic...I figured that would be the only species to survive directly above the heater. The garden outside is my doing also but you cannot really see a lot of it in the picture, it's actually pretty large (by my standards anyway). I'm researching/reading into square foot gardening at the moment so I'll hopefully be fully prepared when spring arrives.

- Marcel

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Once you become interested in plants, it's difficult, if not impossible, to go back to not having any again. :) Apparently we don't have Pogonatherums here (I noticed Purple state she hasn't seen one either). It is an interesting looking plant and by the looks of it, doesn't seem all that demanding. Maybe that's a good thing that we don't have certain plants that you guys have... I'm sure our plant collections would be even larger, haha!

I had to convert your temps, the temperature there doesn't seem too bad (considering we got down to 15F last night here!). It has been abnormally cold weather in the Southeastern portion of the States. We got two inches of snow where I live on Tuesday. It only snows here every few years.


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Sorry, I forgot about the C->F conversion. 8C is about 46F. Strange how the weather is behaving this year as we have not seen any snow yet which is pretty remarkable. Earlier this month I remember there was one day even mentioned on prime time news for being the warmest January day (14th or thereabouts) ever recorded. Today, outside it felt like those very fresh, early days of spring. I can hardly wait...:)

- Marcel

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It's okay, I understand that not everyone uses Fahrenheit. We had a high of 40F yesterday and by the looks of it, we're going to have a high of 70F on Sunday! Did I mention our weather is erratic as well? It snows on Tuesday, 70F on Sunday. Go figure. Keep us updated if you purchase anymore plants. You may just surprise us again with your find.


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