Kentucky Blue versus Blue Lake poles

catherinet(5 IN)July 27, 2014

I'm wondering if the rest of you growing these 2 varieties of pole beans are seeing the same thing that I am.

My Kentucky blue pole beans seem to start producing 2 weeks before I even see blossoms on the Blue Lake poles.
Some of the seed company sites say they both mature in 60 days.

Also.......while I have you here.......My Kentucky blue produces at the bottom and the top........whereas the Blue Lake seems to start all of its beans at the very top of the trellis. What's your experience with this too?


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I planted Blue Lake Mem Day and saw my first tiny bean today. Grew KW last year and I don't recall but they had a lot of foliage befoe getting beans. They were earlier than the bush BL though. This year Tendergreen bush and Cherikee Wax are before the pole BL. Bur it's been an odd year.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks ajsmama. The foliage on the Blue Lake poles is incredibly lush.......just not much else going on. There are some tiny beans at the very top. Hopefully it will all fill in with beans!

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Maybe mine need N. I didn't manure that row - though the Cherokee Wax bush beans at the end of that row (trellis doesn't go the whole length) are very lush. Pity since we really liked the taste of the bush BL last year so I thought I'd try the pole to get more production this year. Hope mine fill in too!

Maybe yours got too much N? Have you got a lot of flowers?

Sorry you said Kentucky Blue not Wonder - I was reading and posting on my phone last night and didn't catch that.

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