Could herbs be grown in a terrarium?

rosebuddy(z5Ont)January 21, 2007

Has anyone ever tried growing herbs in a terrarium? Just sitting here wishing I could get some fresh basil during the winter months. I've tried on a sunny windowsill,even with a pepple tray, but I think the house is just too dry right now. I have african violets and cape primrose in there right now which flower nonstop, so was wondering if that would be enough light for herbs.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Don't see why not, though you might find it necessary to add a fan in the terr for air movement. Some herb like rosemary, however, I don't think would do well. I say give it a go!

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Most herbs like full sun and dry soil. I wouldn't use a terrarium, but perhaps start some Basil seeds in regular pots, and transplant outside after danger of frost.

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I have to agree with rjm. Most herbs, including basal, need a lot of sun to do well. They really aren't indoor plants.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Although I don't lose any sleep that night. lol They sell herb kits and say, " grow herbs on your windowsill". Most people's windowsills do not produce enough light to grow herbs. Most herbs are full sun plants. Now, for those of you who grow great herbs in your windowsill, that's very nice. But you are the exception. Most people who buy these kits are very disappointed.


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Thanks for the replies! I do like Pauls "give it a go" attitude. I'm always surprised at how well some plants do that I have when placed in odd environments other than what the books recommend. I will be careful though and keep my herb of choice in a pot in the terrarium so that I can move it outside in the spring if it's not happy. Will keep you posted.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Like Larry, I get frustrated and annoyed at those ads for growing herbs on your windowsill, and this year or so there seems to be a big fad for offering 15" plastic terrariums with soil and seed packets for half a dozen herbs you're supposed to be able to grow in there. They say nothing about light. I do think you might have a chance with basil, because in my yard at least it does pretty well when I plant it in less than full sun sometimes. It does love humidity, unlike a lot of herbs, so a terrarium of some sort might really help, so long as you can give it enough light. Never hurts to experiment!

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I wondered this, too. I would like to make one with chives, basil and cilantro. Do you think I could succeed?

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