Coffee in plants???

nikkilynnJanuary 26, 2007

Has anyone heard of using coffee or coffee grounds in there plants to help them with leaf shine or growth??

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I remember reading someone on here actually puts cold coffee in her jade plants sometimes, and they have BEAUTIFUL blooms year after year. I can't remember what post that's from though...
I would love to know the answer to that as well, and if it does help, how to do it and how often.

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I have seen it work miricles on flowering plants but i am not sure on like pothos and plants like that. I am very new to this and am learning so please be patient with me

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Hi everybody : I've used coffee grounds in my garden, along with fish heads . Of course, I buried them over the winter, I grew Zucinni 4 feet long and Tomatoes big as a dinner plate. I don't know about House Plants,although my grandmother put some coffee grounds in her potted plants.

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jlynn(8 sc)

I use coffee grounds and tea grounds both on houseplants if they need a little acidity-like my Norfolk pines. the grounds are also reportedly good to keep slugs away from roses. Seemed to work for me last year.

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My father used to throw the coffee grounds into his compost and use them in the plants. His plants (I'm talking outside) did beautifully. I have got into the habit of taking our coffee grounds outside and throwing them on our compost pile. It always worked for my dad!

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

If I remember correctly, coffee grounds provide quick nitrogen (it is also a bit acidic). However, it needs bacterial action to break it down, and if you have that in your potted plants you have big problems. Coffee is frequently recommended for Christmas cactus; we have two at work, and I will sometimes throw in some watered-down leftover coffee; they don't seem to mind, and it may help. I know nothing about using it on other plants.

Korina 'just call me Cliff'
~embrace the confusion~

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Coffee grounds test at about 6.9 pH, or nearly neutral. The liquid Coffee that we drink is very acid, but the grounds are not. Grounds are great for a nitrogen, or "green" source for compost, and a way to add organic matter to outside soil. I'm not so sure if they would help container plants, and would only add them as a top dressing. If mixed into the soil mix, they would break down, which would have a negative effect on the soil structure so important to the roots of the plants.

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Hello! Newbie here. I live in North Alabama, zone 7. I love this site! Am learning quite a bit from you all!! Thanks soooooooo much.
I would like to know how to use coffee grounds also. I make coffee every morning and have started a compost pile. I want to know if I can use these grounds on my houseplants and just how to do it. Do I need to let them break down in the compost pile or can I use them straight out of the pot? ANY help?
Thanks in advance!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Best advice is to keep the coffee AND the grounds out of your container plants, and to use them whereever you like in the (outside) garden. You can top dress with used grounds, add them to your compost pile, add them here and there in your garden, etc.

Adding such ingredients to a good container medium serves no purpose, in truth. In excess, such activity would be detrimental.

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