HAVE: Have: Dolichos Labab (purple hyacinth vine seeds)

LEO_1982_November 14, 2013

Hi Guys ,
I am pretty new in this forum, actually I believe this is my very first post...The situation is the following :
I have a huge amount of Dolichos Labab (purple bean vine) , both variety, RUBY MOON (purple vein leaves and purple flower) and a bit more rare white variety.
If you are interesting PLEASE:
1. Send me an email as well (I check more often my e-mail than the forum)
2. tell me which veriety are you ineteresting and how much you want
3. Calculate and send me the posts that I will need to puit on your package considering that I came from PA.
Below I resume my personal experience with this wonderful vine:

The vine is very very robust, does not require a lot of water after is stabilized and during august-september is litterally covered with flower...

Fertilize initially really boost its growth, both variety (white and purple ) appear to have a comparable vigor

Once it finish to flower the purple variety is covered by beautiful (sometimes even more than the flower) bright purple seed pods...

Each plant produce a incredible high amount of seeds...

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valeriepa(z5-6 NEPA)

Are you doing just SASE or are you also interested in a trade. If you are interested a trade, take a look at my list.

Here is a link that might be useful: trade list

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For this year I have already my seed stock , I made a several on line order early this fall, for trade the only things that I would like would be white dutch clover or even better bronze dutch clover seeds...Otherwise a SASE work just fine for me. By taking a look on your trade list, I guess you are interested to the purple variety (the ruby moon one). I have also the white variety, which seed can be easily distinguished from the purple one, please let me know how much you would like (don`t worry I have really a lot)...

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flowertrader(z5 IA)

I would like to trade also. I only need 5 seeds and I have purple coneflower and hardy hibiscus (deep red, white with red center) I have pink also but this year I can't tell which seeds they are. Got mixed together with some others by my grandsons. Let me know what you would like or else SASE is fine. Thanks.

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I'd like to trade also for the purple hyacynth bean, Sending
you mail.

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Not a problem guys!!! send me e-mail telling me how much you want and which variety (only white only purple or both). As soonest I send you the seeds I will send a confirmation message/e-mail that the seeds are on the way.

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bunky(z6 OH)

I would love about 5 seeds of each variety. I am sending you an email. Thanks. Joannie

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Dec 2013 Update: I still have plenty for who is interested !! Both variety available. No need to trade me anything, just send me a SASE. If you really want to trade me something I will be happy to receive a small amount of any bee-friendly plant (other than Melissa)

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flowertrader(z5 IA)

I sent you a SASE to send some seeds but have not received any. I sent it at least three weeks ago.

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You let me feel like I want to keep your stamps...I am actually in Italy for vacation (hometown) as soon I come back in USA I will send you the SASE, and a additional one from me just in case something happened... I promess....My garden philosophy is to help people not to take advantage....Since we already exchanged e-mail in the past please next time try to send me directly an e-mail, I prefer to do not justify my motivation in a public forum....
Have wonderful holiday

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I would love a few of each, I will send you an email. How large are the seeds, or what seems to be the proper postage sent to you that works? Sorry, but I am still "green" to all this, but love this forum!

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Not a problem! I am back here in USA, I can send you as much as you want. The seeds are for shape and size very alike to edible beans, anyway I send you an e-mail with more information about

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