identify cucumber

naatJuly 8, 2012


when sowing seeds, in order not to mix them, every variety is sowed

separately and marked in an garden schematic

after one variety is done, the next one will follow,

that way the chance of accidental seed mixing is reduced.

Between three "white wonder" cucumber plants, wile on one side there are

Japanese cucumbers, on the other side English cucumbers

and tomato row is the next in parallel.

there was an new late coming fruit:

and here is the foliage:

the fruit size is about 3x3.5 at the moment and he lost its peach fuzz

much further down the row there are:

Painted Serpent

Metki Dark

Carosello Barese

and regular Armenian.

The foliage of the painted serpent in my garden is the closest one to resemble the one of the unknown type,

But the stems of painted serpent are slightly ribbed

and the stems of the unknown plant are rounder

the real melons i have looks different

if an mistake was made wile sowing the seeds, that sort of fruit should have been reappearing at least three more times elsewhere

But that is the only one around.

probably they sent me by mistake extra seed mixed with the white wonder cucumber seeds

none of my squashes, zucchini, melon, cucumber

has an identical look as that one

The question is: can anyone recognize that fruit?

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Looks like Summer Squash to me.

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Thanks stuffradio for your reply.
take a look at the fruit stalk, proportion wise it is thin and round
most Summer Squashes I had at that stage had much thicker and ribbed stalks
but I might be wrong of course.

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Not a summer squash; Stem and leaves suggest a Cucumis melo.

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Yes it is Probably Cucumis melo, but which one?
its foliage do not match other melons i grew
and its stem do not match Armenian Cucumber and its relatives
there is some foliage resemblance to painted serpent.
I guess eventually, if it is a regular melon of some sort it will spread sweet scent while maturing.
Did someone grew something that looks like that before?

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