Anyone like grape ivy?

elkay_gwJanuary 30, 2011

(aka cissus rhombifolia, right?)

I like it - I've had mine for years and years.

I also have had the kangaroo vine (c. antarctica) which I hope to have again. Anyone have a piggyback plant? I had one when I lived in CA. I'm going to get one this summer.

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I love GRape Ivy. Yours is absolutely beautiful. Wow..
Here's mine, but it's nowhere as pretty as yours.

I have a, I think, Antarctica, but can't find a pic..too lazy to snap

I'm planning on getting two Piggybacks this summer. Green and variegated. Getting them at Accents. Can't wait til temps Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I love the looks of grape ivy but it was the only plant I ever had that developed powdery mildew inside! That was ages ago and I haven't bought another one.

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C. rhombifolia and it's sports are among my favorite house plants. Elkay's photo above is the species; Hopeful Author's appears to be the sport 'Ellen Danica' (aka 'Oakleaf'). My very favorite is C. rhombifolia 'Mandiana'. Unfortunately, that variety seems to be lost to commerce. I grew it a number of years ago, and passed it along to a neighbor when we were posted overseas. It was the first plant I tried to replace when we retuned, but haven't been able to locate it anywhere. All of the grape ivies are difficult to propagate and rather slow to grow. Consequently, they're not of much interest to the large-scale wholesale operations. Too bad, because the various members of the rhombifolia group make really terrific house plants.

If any indoor gardener here knows of a source for C. rhombifolia 'Mandiana', PLEASE let me know.

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