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GreenJeanieJanuary 31, 2014

I have had my angel ivy for many years. It has grown to have three, four to five foot long vines. But now all of the leaves are falling off. The leaves aren't turing bown or yellow they are still green but dry and fall off. I thought it needed more space so I put it in a new pot I water it often and now have it in a warm sunny area. But the leaves are still falling off. It used to be in my living room which wasn't very warm and only had indirect sunlight.

I have trimed away the excess vines.But for the rest of the plant the leaves are at the very ends of the long vines.

Is there anything I can do to save my plant?

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Although I've never had a plant like this, I have had many plants that are vines. I'm not sure why your leaves are falling off. It looks as if another plant is sharing the same pot, yes? From my experience with vines, most of them don't grow leaves back on the vine, so I usually cut the end of the vine that still has healthy leaves on it and root it and start another plant for a backup in case the original plant doesn't make it. I then cut the leafless runner off close to the base of the mother plant. This usually helps the plant to send out new runners that should eventually fill out with leaves. This advice may help you start another plant or it may even help with the existing plant, but I truly don't have any ideas why the leaves are dropping off. To much water seems to be a common culprit for many potted plants. I hope this helps.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

For one thing, it has spider mites. Mites and low humidity are often the most serious impediments to growing various species of Hedera indoors.


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How are you able to tell spider mites so quickly and confidently? Curious as I have had a fight with spider mites every year since I started keeping plants and I am very much attracted to vining plants. thanks.

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I agree with Al; your ivy has mites.

How to tell. Notice the pale leaves? Ivy's are mite magnets, particularly this time of year, and indoors.

Inspect your plant thoroughly. Upper and lower leaves. Look for webs. The webs look similar to spider webs, but finer in texture.

Inside the webs are the tiniest of dots. Often, people need a magnifying glass to see mites.

Mites are fairly easy to rid..dish soap and water should do the job..no need for harsh chemicals.
In the meantime, if your ivy is near others plants, they'll need inspection, too. Good luck, Toni

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Like Toni said - mites seem to be extra fond of the Hedera genus, and especially so in the winter when humidity is low. If you have an ivy with leaves as mottled as GJ's, you can be almost certain it has mites.

There are some problems that reliably pop up at certain times of the year. Many of us have been around awhile and are conditioned to be on the alert for the predictable symptoms. For example, we're coming into the season where a lot of problems can be rubber stamped as being related to soil choices that force the grower to water in small sips to avoid the soil remaining wet and soggy for extended periods. As the soil eventually dries out, all the salts from fertilizers and tapwater are left behind, severely limiting the plants. The remedy is to flush the soil now, and repot into something that allows you to water correctly sometime in June. We'll probably see it a hundred times between now & summer.


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