Bitter Melon root rots

yli_123July 15, 2014


Something is killing my bitter melons

The leaves of the plant started to wilt like it was lack of water. Then few days later, it died and I noticed the crown of stem was dried out.

Below pic shows root of plant that showed early sign of diesease as I saw leaves started to wilt and I pulled the plant to see what happened.

Seems like the roots started to dried out/rot and worked it's way up the stem, cutting off water and nutrients to the plant

Can someone please advise what is causing this? is there any treatment I can use to save the remaining plants?

Thanks in advance

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theforgottenone1013(MI zone 5b/6a)

Rotting roots are most likely due to overwatering. How often and how much have you been watering? What type of soil? Container or in-ground?


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these plants are in container and water once a day in morning. some of the containers have two plants in one pot. One died and the other seems to be ok as of now

I also notice a cucuzza plant ( in ground) that the stem starts to dry out( brown color) today too.

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recommendation of this root rot by organic: been cake chemical method : clorphyifos 20%ec mancozeb 50%wg. applied incoler.region for more details contact me in email

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