HAVE: Looking for any unique vegetables. I have flower seeds!

RyanR123(6)November 18, 2012

I usually trade at least 10 seeds or about 25 if they are small, I would like the same amount from you.

I have tons of ziplock (2 by 3 inches) for trade too. I can give 5 zip lock bags for each variety of plant. I prefer large trades to save time and money. I also like to throw in bonuses/suprises, and would appreciate the same (Just request an add-on surprise, and how much we should include)

At the moment, I am interested in trading for vine flowers such as morning glories, etc. I really don't grow flowers anymore, so I am mostly just interested in vegetables. I don't have many vegetables seeds to trade at the moment as my stock is limited due to hurricane Sandy. But to give you an idea of what I am looking, I am looking for unique vegetables/fruits that you wouldn't find in stores as such as unusual tomatoes that are not red, ornamental peppers, etc. I love gourds/pumpkins. I don't need anyone to offer me common varieties such as green California pepper, beefsteak tomatoes, etc. I probably have them. Just only looking for unique, hard to find seeds. Thanks and happy trading!


Dwarf Fairy Candytuft

Blue Ensign Morning Glory

Torch Tithonia

Gazania Sunshine Mix


African Daisy

forget me not

petite marigold

crackerjack marigold

Blanket Flower

Lychnis Diamonds and Rubies mix


bachelor button

California Poppy

Alyssum purple






True Lavender

Cardinal Climber




White swan echinacea

Shirley Poppy

Classic Zinnia

Zinnia Thumbelina Mix

Phlox dwarf mixed colors

marigold disco flame


zinnia giant flowered mix

Petunia mixed colors (pelleted)


Sweet pea

cleome rose queen


Celosia Red Velvet

Tricolor Daisy

Impatiens (butterfly mix)


Sensitive Plant

Sweet william



Feel free to check out my vegetable seed list on my member page but I may not have a lot left over especially the lettuce seeds.

I haven't updated my list yet, but feel free to ask.

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Hi, I have lots of unusual tomato varieties...White Queen, Black Sea Man, Peron Sprayless, Indian Stripe, Amazon Chocolate, Brad's Black Heart, Cherokee Purple, Aunt Anna, White Tomesol, Black Krim, Nature's Riddle, Ivory White Pear, Japanese Black Trifele, Gary O' Sena, and San Marzano.
Pepper-wise, I have Sheepnose Pimentos, Jimmy Nardello.
I'd love to swap for some of your flowers, if you're interested.

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Take a look at my trade list and see if there is anything you would like. I am interested in your thumbelina zinna's and the white swan echinachea and the red velvet celosia.
Let me know if you see anything. Also,legallyheidi, I would be interested in trading with you too. Take a peek at my trade list and see if there's anything you would like and let me know if you wanna trade too.

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Kimnkell: Nice list! What are you interested in?

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legallyheidi, I am interested in these seeds on your trade list.
Jimmy Nardello Pepper
Brad's Black Heart Tomato
White Queen Tomato
Black Sea Man Tomato
Balck Krim Tomato

Let me know if you see anything you would like to trade for on my list.

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Hi - I have heirloom tomatoes and morning glories and would like to trade for your white swan, gaillardia and dianthus/sweet william. Could I send you my list? Doreen.

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