watering hard-to-reach houseplants

knuckleheadJanuary 9, 2007

hi. i'm a new member with a vexing problem.

i live in a converted warehouse with 25' ceilings. there are no windows downstairs, and as such, i have to keep all my plants on the mezzanine level, or hanging from the walls/celings/etc.. till now, i've been able to put my plants in places that i can access from the mezzanine or the catwalk or some other place, but i would like to now put a plant in a location that will have no access without a ladder.

this is the long lead-up to the question i have, which is ... has anyone purchased or constructed a means of watering an indoor plant which lives over 15' high? i don't want to buy one of those wands with the shower head on it, because it'll get water all over the place.


much obliged.

blair, sf.ca

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I had to install a pully system to take care of huge hanging baskets suspended much higher than that.

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that is a GREAT idea, rhizo_1! i wasn't thinking outside the box. that's exactly what i'm going to do.

thank you so much.


blair, sf.ca

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james_ny(z7 NY)

I'm picturing a hanging plant watering bottle with a REALLY long neck.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Gee, I was thinking I had it tough watering the things behind things behind things under my HID light!

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You can buy them ready-made for plants, but you may have to extend the rope length to achieve what you want.

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rhizo_1 : i went to the hardware store the other day and bought a large, sturdy, crossbraced L-bracket (about 18" long, supports 40lbs.), two small pulleys (ea. supports 40lbs.), two U-bolts (ea. supports 25lbs.), 75 feet of nylon rope (supports 75lbs.), and a tie-down cleat (supports 50lbs.). on most of the pieces of the contraption, i had to shoot WAY over the actual weight i needed, only because on some stuff, they didn't go any lower. (like the pulleys.) anyway, i mounted one pulley to the far end of the L-bracket and the other nearer to the elbow. when i put this up (hopefully next weekend), then i will run the rope through both pulleys and down the wall to the tie-down cleat, leaving enough slack that i can lower it to myself. and voila! i'll be able to water my plant. just wanted to thank you again for the great idea.

and thanks to everyone else who submitted comments!

james_ny : that visual is killing me! too funny!

greenelbows1 : do they make a thing to reach behind things behind things behind things? cause if not, well you've got some things to thing about. (yeesh, that was a REALLY bad joke. sorry.)

lucy : as you can see, i've already made one, but thanks for the info! i should read the forum more frequently than once every two weeks! hahaha!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You're welcome! You're better off making it yourself, anyway....I've never seen ready-made 'kits' that were heavy-duty enough.

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Hey Knucklehead, They are all nuts! Just use the pulley
and rope to pull yourself up. Better yet start watering your shoulder blades and grow wings. Just thought I'd throw in a little humor. Sounds like you got it licked.
I have bird feeders up high on alluminum poles so the bears
and squirrels can't get to them. I use a long pole to bring them down for filling. I'm talking only about 10 feet. Your up a little higher. If you had a tree branch
trimmer that long or an alluminum pole with a rope operated "t " on top you could ducktape a soda bottle on it and use the rope to dump the water on to the plants.
Maybe I'm nuts.? Well I tried.
Good Luck - Lou

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