Pics of my spider plant

Lamora(4)January 12, 2012

I hope this works,, been a while. How does it look?

I still dont have any roots on the babies tho. Anyone know why?

Oh and the cat is starting to chew the plants again. I know this was asked before, but how can i keep him from chewing them?

Thanks in advance :)

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this is what it was before :( very sad looking.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Hang it beyond the cat's reach.

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I love your spider plant...for some crazy reason I cant keep mine alive....they always die on me and it's suppose to be the easiest plant to keep alive. I dont over water, I dont put it in direct sunlight to burn it, but it does get light...I just dont get it. I can keep difficult plants alive but not the easy

And like the above poster said..hang it up high. I'm very lucky that my cat could care less about my plants, he's never even as much as smelled them, but my friend's cat will sit there and throw big fits and try everything to get to a plant. Just up high is all I can think of..

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I took the babies off plants at work and set them on top of soil/covered just the bottom most leaves and about 1/2 rooted for me. It takes awhile, but it did happen. As for the cat, look for a cat version of bitter apple spray (sold at pet stores for dogs) or try cayenne pepper.


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Your plant is beautiful! I love the ones with fat curly leaves. Mine has thin straight leaves.
The babies only grow roots after a while, those still look pretty young.

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ymaddox(ky 6)

here is my spider plant if i remember how to post pics

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ymaddox(ky 6)

couple more

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Lamora.. Yours Spiders are doing great. I see you have both standard variegated and reverse verigated. Reverse is hard to find.

BTW, I can't believe the amount of variegation your Philodendron Brazil has, 'pic 1.' Most Brazils have more green, but yours is mostly white/cream. Very nice.

Ymaddox. Your Spider and other plants are doing great, too. I like the pots.

In the picture with the coffee table, is that a Strawberry Begonia, 'Saxifraga' in the round pot, behind the Spider?
It too is so very pretty, and very wide. Toni

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Thanks all, I am proud of myself for once! lol,(take it while it is here, wont last long)Anyway, it was mixed when I bought it, I just liked the curly ones when I seen them, HAD to HAVE IT!! LOL!! The only ones they had actually. I didnt realize it was mixed till later on.

I have a few babies in water atm. Not sure who broke them off, me or the cat, I think it was me. Trying to put it someplace else. As far as hanging it goes, guess I could do that, didnt really want to but it may be better off.

And all your plants look great! Wish I had a place up high for mine. where it sits right now, it gets the morning sun (when we have sun :() and it sems to like it there,if i hung it, i dont think it would get the light it needs. Oh well,

Thanks again for all the comments, very much appreciated. :)

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Lamora, what won't last?

The curly Spider is called, Bonnie. Some Bonnie's are somewhat curly, others look like they just had a tight perm, lol.

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being proud of myself-- that wont last long-- just a me thing. And thanks for not bashing me about not knowing the names of my plants, I never was good with names, ppl places or things-- :(

I love this plant tho, this is the first Bonnie that I have seen!!And the new leaves are curled up real tight! I love that!

When the babies are big enough, I would like to get them in a pot just for the curly ones. Name it Bonnie, that way I will remember it!! lol

thanks for the info of names :)

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ymaddox(ky 6)

lamora i love the small curly leaves on yours i am jealous :).

yes toni it is a strawberry begonia and on the other side of that the small one is a dancing dolphin vine...waiting for that one to take off and go crazy...wish it would hurry lol.

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Lamora..anyone who bashes someone for not knowing the name of a plant is an a$$. Sorry, it bothers me even hearing such a thing.

Being proud when plants do well never ends..:) Imagine getting a small plant and watching it grow..Seeing its first flower and/or fruit. Who wouldn't feel proud?

Your Bonnie is much nicer than mine. Got mine on Ebay in the 90's, when I first heard its never had much of a curl. I sometimes wonder if it's a true Bonnie.
Great name for a plant..:)

My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, my Bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my Bonnie to

Yep, planting all curls together will look nice.

Ymaddox..What in the world is a Dancing Dolphin Vine?? I spent, at least, 15 mins searching. lol.

The closest plant I found for DDV is Columnea. Does Columnea sound familiar?

Are you talking about the plant to the left, looking at the screen, of the Spider? Toni

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ymaddox(ky 6)

It says Columbia Julia

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ymaddox(ky 6)

Meant columnea ....gotta love Spell check on mobile phones

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ymaddox(ky 6)

And the plant is to right white with butterflies on the pot other to left is silver satin pothos I am starting.

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This may be a bit late, but I've found it helpful to grow cat grass, it's grass that cats go crazy for and instead of eating your plants they'll eat the grass. It's safe for your cat, and it also helps with hairballs because of the fiber. Hanging the plant is good but not everything can be hung. I have a money tree that my cat was destroying but ever since I got the grass he leaves it alone.

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hi, i love spider plants. some people just dont get it because they arent very colorful and showy (my husband being one of those typed that dont get it) anyways, i used to have a nice collection of plants but then we had to vacate our home fairly quickly and i lost most of my plants in the move. im looking on here for anyone who would be willing to share some babies off their plants so that i could get back to collecting? im hoping for it to be possibly considered a gift from one plant lover to another because i dont have much to offer in return but if need be i will offer to crochet a plant hanger for you. ive just started making my own plant hangers, and i dont know how to do macrame yet but i can crochet and they are turning out pretty nice. i hope that i can start my collection back up, i live on a very limited budget because im a stay at home mom so i cant go out and buy what i want, and this would make my day to be able to have lots of plants again. thank you.

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