frostbitten peace lily help!!!!

courtneymcJanuary 4, 2010

My Peace lily was out on the screened in patio and was doing beautifully but we had some unexpected freezing temps and my peace lily I believe was frost bitten?? I have cut back all the brown leaves but my plant just looks lifeless. All the green leaves have drooped down and their stems have bent. The plant is still very green but just has no life?? Is there any way to revive my plant?? I have brought the plant inside. PLEASE HELP!! this plant comes from my husbands fathers funeral several years ago and means a lot to him.Thank you!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'd remove every leaf that looks droopy and sick, even it it means giving your plant a total haircut. Those leaves will likely turn black/brown. Given proper care, your plant will put out plenty of new growth from the crown.

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I agree with Rhizo. Marred leaves will not revert to green. No matter what you do.
In the meantime, remove all frost-bitten leaves. Place in a warmer, medium light spot.
Do not fertilize.
There's a product called Superthrive. It's a hormone and contains 50 vitamins. Buy a bottle. It's not fertilizer.
I normally use 4 drops per gallon of water, but stressed plants should get 10 drops per gallon.

Once new growth sprouts, add half-strength, balanced fertilizer. Good luck, Toni

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