Lucky Bamboo Stem Cutting Rooted:)

fairyskyla(z5NY)January 10, 2006


I did an experiment and just wanted to see if it would work. My Lucky Bamboo is going on two years old, I have her in a beautiful Chinese porcelain pot filled with water. I have three stalks and they have become pretty tall. I wanted to cut it down some and give it a different design within the vase now that I have enough plant to do decorate with, and also wanted to see if the stem would root after I cut. So I cut it in between the nodes and placed it right back in the vase. After a month it rooted. Now my vase where the stalks are looks really fuller. I am glad. I was a little hesitant because from what I read they said to propogate the plant you would have to cut the stalk in half and root the stalk. I figured I would take the chance and try rooting it from the stem that I cut off since it is a plant after all:) I also put in a very little bit of superthrive in the water. I don't know if that helped it but I figured it would need a little boost of energy.

Just wanted to share that it is possible to root this plant by the stem and not just by the stalk itself. A lot of people stated that the stem would turn to mush if you tried to root it. I'm glad I took the chance.

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I also have Lucky Bamboo in a vase and they have become
very tall.
I want to try your method. Can you explain S-L-O-W how and where you cut? What are the "nodes" Thanks.
Christine :)

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Hi Christine,

Okay I will try my best. Please don't shoot me if my explanation stinks. Well a node is the part of the stem of a plant from which a leaf, branch, or aerial root grows; each plant has many nodes. Hope this makes sense. Take a look at your plants, where you see a leaf growing right below it is the node. You want to cut right beneath the node. Because that is where the roots will start growing at. It doesn't matter how you cut, straight, or slanted. Then place it back into your vase. You should see some results within a month's time.
I made a little drawing to show you. I am sorry I couldn't supply you a proper picture, but I will soon.
Hope this helps.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

This dracaena is typically propagated by stem cuttings. Whether it is taken from a side shoot or the main cane, it is all stem tissue.

I thought your drawing was perfect!

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Got it. I have 4 bamboo's. And i will just cut one and wait and see.
A friend gave them to me and all they do is sit in the vase and grow.
And they start rooting on top? I try.

Christine :)

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Hi my name is Susie, and this messege is for fairyskyla. I have had a lucky babmboo for almost 2 years, its 4 feet tall and, I have it in a glass vase with water and smooth river rocks. I have never had any problems with it, until now. Now before I start I have to tell you that I know nothing about this plant, or any other one. This is my first and only plant, but over the years I have gotten very attached to it, and I love it. Recently I noticed that about the bottom 2 feet of my plant has been turning yellow, and I wondered if I could help it by cutting off all the the yellowish part, and putting the rest witch is still nice and green back in water. Do you think I would get good results.

Another thing I found you drawing very helpfull, especially since I dont know anything about this plants. If you can please add another drawing that showes the other parts of the lucky bamboo. I would greatly apreciate it. I think if I know the proper names for its different body parts it would be easier for me to learn more about it. What part is the stalk, whats a shoot, whats a node, whats the cane.

Thanks a million
Susie B.

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I have four bamboo stems at my home .what is the importance of four bamboo stems from the feung shui point of view.can some body tell me about it.

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Lucky bamboo is just some cultivar of Dracaena sanderiana and doesn't really have anything to do with Feng Shui as far as I know. They're apparently considered an understory shrub. Anyway, they're actually from Africa and they apparently grow better in soil.

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zubababy(6b Utah)

here is some info at about

* 3 for Happiness
* 5 for Health
* 2 for Love & Marriage
* 8 for Wealth and Abundance
* 9 is considered a lucky number and is an overall good number for Good Fortune and Happiness.

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just needed some help, about a year and a half ago, I took four bamboo leaf cluster cuttings from my friend's bamboo stalks (not sure what kind of bamboo, but it was just the "lucky" bamboo stalk sold at the store, in toronto canada). These did not have any stem whatsoever, but I just used the regular plant rooting technique, and they've grown roots and still live today in cups in more water than soil mixtures, and they just look like long bamboo leaf clusters, and only having a stem created from the cutting off of dead leaves at its bottom. I was wondering, how do I pot them to promote growth? What do I use to plant them (soil, water, rocks, etc)? Should I expect these to grow stems, and if so, when? Thank you!

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HELP-- the bottom of my lucky bamboo is green with good roots but all the leaves and the top part are bad. It was clear death was on the way as the stem started to die from the top down. I cut off all the bad and I have the good part of the stem w/its roots in distilled water with a tiny bit of growth hormone.
Should I submerge the whole stem-- I read that I should Wax the top - how do I do that and what type of wax. I REALLY REALLY want to save this Lucky Bamboo --- please help me --- I just did this so there is time to switch course if I should do it a different way. I also now have it in better lighting.

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The original stems on my lucky bamboo seem to be too long, at least I would like them to be shorter so they are more stable. The new growth is all on a side shoot. Can I cut the original stems down? Should I remove the side shoots and then cut the stems? Thanks for any help.

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hello everyone... i have a one year old fortune plant.. i have observed that there are roots growing in the stem can i cut the stem and place it in another vase? i am hesitant because its my first time.. please email me or reply to this blog.. thank you

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Yes you can. Plants with pre-formed adventitious roots are among the easiest to propagate from cuttings.


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My grandmothers plant started roting and became mushy so I took it and tried to heal it. I did some research finding no heal was available. So i cut off the notch about half way. I put that in a cup of distilled water and forgot about it and all the water evaporated! I then put the plant in a make shift pot with distilled water and got 3 roots!! My question is since its a notch will it grow into a bamboo stem or what should i do with it now.

Before this i cut of the tip of a notch of my other bamboo in my frogs tank to see what would happen, It grew about 2" of stem. The problem is there is only that one root. The plant is about an 1" tall. Is that a bad thing cause both my plants have different # of stems. They are both green and look healthy but my grandma's notch is a tad yellow at the very bottom.

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I've had 3 Lucky Bamboo stalks for over two years. They were doing great and then I transferred them into soil and they started to die. Someone told me they must stay in water, so I put each of them back in their own glass of water, held down by marbles. The roots are very long and the stems are tall but the leaves are turning yellow. What should I do? How often are you supposed to change the water? If I try to put them in soil again, is there a specific type of soil to use? How much water should go in the glass 3inches or less than 3inches?

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I just got my plant from my boyfriends great grandma. I believe there's 3 stems. The plant is getting very tall and they naturally bend over when sitting In the Vace. Is it okay to put a wooden stick in and clip them to stick? (clip as in what they use in orchid plants, not actually cut)

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I have had this bamboo plant for 2 years. I believe it is a lucky bamboo. Recently it started to die and most of it turned yellow. After a while I removed all the yellow stems and I am left with just 2 green stems. Is it ok to replant these 2 stems in a porcelin type cup with just water? I was told by my mother that would be fine, but I want to make sure.

Thank you,

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This dude is awesome: LuckyBambooExpert on YouTube

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Propagate

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When you cut the plant can you place it in a cup of water instead of right in the pot??

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raelynn09(5b MI)

Fairyskyla, the picture is quite helpful! I've been meaning to do this for month, but just haven't gotten around to it yet, Glad to hear you had some luck with it! ;)

And to many of you with questions, it may be helpful to take a look at this forum, all about lucky bamboo!

Here is a link that might be useful: garden web - lucky bamboo forum

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