Aloe Leaves Are Drooping

yelenaJanuary 29, 2008

All my aloe plants have drooped leaves. I tried to straighten leaves up but they break. I have this problem with all aloes, even small ones with 3-4 leaves. How to prevent this? What I am doing wrong? I donÂt water them often (mostly very rare), they are in a sunny spot and growing great despite drooping.

Thank you for your help.

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First, check the base of the leaves and plant for any signs of rot. Some Aloes have leaves that recurve, or point down after reaching a large enough size. I find that many Aloes grown inside have longer, narrower leaves than if they are put outside during frost free months, and the longer leaves are more prone to droop or break. My own large Aloe vera has leaves which point both ways, and the leaves which grow during the winter are the ones which eventually hang down.

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That's right--Aloe leaves that grow out/down suggest a need for more light. In strong outdoor sun, the leaves grow upright to shade the newly emerging leaves from the full effects of intense sun. In lower light, they stretch out to open up the center to all the light it can gather. Of course, as mentioned, some Aloes are more naturally upright-growing than others. I've got a couple hybrids that grow year 'round that exhibit very different growth forms in winter than in summer. Give them the best light you can, and hope for the best!
Odd as it sounds, if the leaves break when you try to straighten them, that's probably a good sign. If they were flopping from root or crown rot, they'd be somewhat flexible & soft.

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Thank you for your help! I will move plants to sunnier spot, may be it will help.

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