Hellow everyone! Anyone have bug infestations on there plants

teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)January 1, 2014

Hellow im happy to be back, and my first post is why am i having suh bad spider mite infestations, i blame the English ivy i couldnt resist, after all, they are prone, anyone else having problems

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Welcome back, teen! I'm happy to see you.

Well, you shot yourself in the foot, didn't you, by bringing English ivy into the house. Shame on you, lol. What have you been doing, if anything? And what kinds of plants are infested?

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Grantgarden2 Zone 5a/b

Yay! Your back! This is funny because just moments ago I put one of my palm plant in the snow because I saw that it was covered with spider mites! And the plant was only $5 so it was no big deal.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Yea, my faut, I have also brought a palm at the same store so i better watch out for the bugs on it. Im also dealing with another infestation in my house, ladybugs! They are bug predators, and I hope they are helping

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mateopava(8 El Paso, Tx)

I've been battling a white fly infestation on my Abutilons. I've been checking the bottom of the leaves everyday and spraying any adults I find with alcohol.
I checked today after a two day break, and only found two adults, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping I almost have them beat.

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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

Teen, I've got a few Asian ladybugs hanging around too. We had a swarm come indoors this fall. I've never seen them do that before. You're right about them being predators. I read up on them and most of the sites say they don't eat while indoors for winter, but I saw one stuffing its face with aphids. Glad I have at least one beetle that's hungry. The aphids are mostly hanging out on peppers and salvias I'm overwintering. I've been checking for ladybugs, then spraying the aphids with soap solution. Don't want to spray my allies.

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Find a treatment you are comfortable with and apply it immediately - the key is early containment. Once infestations get bad you'll have to use chemicals that will require you to spray outside and that you may not be comfortable using. Or you'll have to trash your plants.

Some good things to start with are neem or soap based sprays.

I have had very bad times with mealybugs and less bad times with spider mites, which I thankfully got under control early. I think I finally have the mealybugs eradicated but it took a large amount of effort.

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One of my Citrus Trees was loaded with scale...Thank God it was near no others..That plant is now enjoying a nice extended vacation outdoors in about a foot of snow blizzard raging outside..

I always treat my plants before they come in for the winter, but for some reason forgot about this one.

Good thing I had a few of the same tree


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

That blizzard is nasty here, now it is -1

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The indoor plague here happens to be thrips! One kind of plant I just can't have, is aloe vera. They get infested with these annoying little buggers all the time! I have treated the plant witn Provado pins this fall, but when I spotted them again the other day, the plant went out! I probably won't have aloe vera again...

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I didn't even know they get bug infestations...

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Me too...I have never had a bug on an Aloe plant! Sheesh..If I did, it would be out in the hard cold too..

This is why fater years of growing plants, I deliberately avoid those that bring brng bugs with them of those that can hide them very well..

I can name you a list of plants I will absolutely avaid for further pest invasion...

Palms, Plumeria in leaf, Desert Roses unless I spray every week, English Ivy, Crouton, and in infamous Red Velvet fury Iv ..


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I've been having an infestation of this bug in my house plants. I've bought so many of the bug sprays and they still won't go away. Anyone recognize what they are or have an idea of how to get rid of them? Thank you.

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...actually I think I just figured it out, I think they're gnats.

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We are having big problems with Sciarid Fly over in the UK, not just my firm, other people I've talked to are the same.

The fact that we're having such a wet winter doesn't help I don't think.

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I have a pest problem...My cockatiel. lol

He somehow managed to fly to the sink, walk across the faucet, jump on the sill, then bite the main trunk of an Orange Begonia.

Begonia has/d one stem...bonsai shape.

I didn't notice the bite until I lifted the pot to water.
Sure enough, the top was bit nearest the bottom trunk.
I caught him doing the same thing yesterday after walking in another room..That little sneak! lol. Toni

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