question on my Bromeliad Guzmania

Lamora(4)January 27, 2013

Hi, most my plants are doing well, but some aren't and I will be asking questions as I go, but this one has me the most concerned right now.
It has 2 pups coming in, and they seems to be pushing the mother plant off center, and she doesn't look too well in the center of the plant, seems to be drying. Would the pups be doing this? How can I help her?

I have never taken any pups away from any of my Bromeliads, the Tillandsia isn't looking to well either, but holding its own. that has 3 pups that were never taken away from the mother plant.

Any advice on what needs to be done? I water and feed every week when needed.. 5-1-1 mix. florence (sp?) light for now.

Thanks in advance :)

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My advice is to concentrate on keeping the pups growing. The original plant (let's call it mom), has bloomed and made pups. Mom is on her way out because the plant only blooms once, then dies. That is not uncommon in the plant world. As the pups grow, the outer leaves on the mom plant die. This is because the plant uses the meristem to bloom. The meristem is the only place a Brom grows from, and once the meristem is used to make a flower, it is used up. Same thing happens on bananas and other plants. At any rate, as the outer leaves die, you can easily detach them. No need to repot for years if you keep the cups damp enough and add a dilute fertilizer from time to time. Many Bromeliads do fine with little dirt. Guzmanias mostly use their roots for staying upright, much of their nutrients are absorbed by their trichomes.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I could have sworn that we explained the lifecycle of bromiliads to you...must have been someone else, lol. It's time to nurture the pups and say bye bye to the mother plant. You're doing a good job.

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Thanks :) and yes, you may have told me the lifecyle to me. I try to remember too. But that is getting harder to do.. :(

ok then, will let it be and see what developes :)

How long does it take for the pups to mature and flower? I was thinking of my Pink Quill too, don't see anything new developing in that pot.

but thanks for the info, will try to remember this so I won't ask again, lol


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