African Violet leaf problems

aboekmanJanuary 30, 2013

What is going on here?

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I am not 100% sure but I would say..sun burned...I had a violet and it looked just like that after I had put it in a south window with full sun....burnt the plant right up....linda....

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Could be. I just moved this from a green house at the store to a sill on a large north facing window.

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Laura Robichaud

I wouldn't think sunburn in a north facing window. Did you happen to wet the leaves with cold water?

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Right. It does look like sunburn but it is a North facing window. I was worried about not enough light actually.

No, I never get the leaves wet. Could it be getting too cold next to the window at night? Is this what drying out too much could do? I'm worried that I am going to lose my bloom with all this stress.

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My first thought was sunburn, too, but since it's not likely, it probably got too much of a chill. "I just moved this from a green house at the store...." - could have happened on the way home. It's a tough time of year, weather wise, for us in Northern states to be acquiring plants.

Any chance you brought it home in a plastic bag? Plastic doesn't insulate well or at all. And get the leaf right up against it, the condensation from warm to cold, could make the situation worse. I often keep paper bags in the car just in case I see a plant I have to have at this time of year, but even they're risky. It only takes a few minutes in extreme cold to do the damage.

It doesn't look like the plant is drying out although at the time of the photo the mix looks like it could use some water. I don't know much about AVs, but you'll want to get it out of that peat based medium this spring (or sooner). In the meantime, be careful about your watering.

You probably know this - those leaves won't turn around. A fresh potting with good soil, plus good care will help it rebound, put out new leaves and bloom.

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Laura Robichaud

If you look in the middle at the newest leaves, do they have browning? I suspect they don't. I tend to think what Monet does...although it looks like sunburn, it's most likely cold damage.

What I would do is pinch off the flowers. I know you hate to do that, but it will get more when it's healthy again. I would remove the largest most damaged leaves. This way it will put effort into growing new healthy leaves. Come spring, I would repot into a lighter mix. AV soil cut with perlite 50/50.

Make sure it isn't in a window where it receives drafts or by an outside door opened frequently or near a radiator.

My mother-in-law grows some of the most gorgeous AVs with pink variegated leaves in a north window. I wouldn't believe if I hadn't seen it. I have a wonderful east window where mine thrive.

Good luck.

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