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birdsnbloomsJanuary 29, 2011

Has anyone else noticed old threads, old as in 2006, are appearing on page one of house plants?

What's happened?

Are people too shy to start a new thread or did The House Plant Forum get so repetitive, people, possibly newbies, find old threads more appealing?

I've been here since 2002, read, suggested and learned a lot over the years. House Plant Forum is my favorite forum, and I'd hate to see it go down the drain.

In fact, I tried editing 'Favorite Forums' but for some reason it doesn't work. I believe IVillage is working on these problems?

There's a zillion and one plants to discuss, pics to post, and a simple hello to a familar face, well, screen name is always nice.

My question is, why are older threads surfacing more than ever? Toni

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Can you provide us with a link? I am trying to get an older thread to appear on page one and cannot cause it to happen. BTW, yes, they are tinkering with the programming from time to time.

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The favorite forums have never been right in my profile despite me correcting them a couple times. I find forums as my faves that I have never visited.

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Albert, not sure what you're asking, but two older threads on page 1 is, 'Wall mounted plant holders,' the second is 'tree frog,' something or other. Is that what you mean?
If you're looking for a specific thread, go to 'Search,' on the top, under the forum heading, type in a word/plant related to whichever you're looking for.
For instance, let's say I wanted to bring up an older thread about Pothos. I'd type Pothos in the Search box..plus an option to look in 'house plant forum,' or 'Entire Site.' Hope this helps.

Goblue..that's strange. lol..When you first regestered, came upon the question that asked, list your favorite forums, did you fill them in or leave blank? Toni

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My hobby: Reading a post, respond to something someone said in the post, realizing that the post is pretty old after I've typed out my response, and then noticing that I'm replying to myself.

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Autolalia: talking to oneself.

There's a whole lot of that on this forum, & there has been for a very long while. Surely I'm not the only one to have figured that out. Here, multiple sreen names doesn't automatically eqate to multiple distinct individuals. The resurrection of old threads is undoubtedly a new facet of the same old dynamic.

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