What kind of pepper is this?

jeff_leites(9 San Fernando Valley, CA)July 8, 2012

I think I'm the victim of the old pepper switch-a-roo (again).

This is suppose to be an Ivory Sweet Bell, but I don't think it's going to plump up. It looks like some kind of hot pepper. Can anyone tell me what it is, and how do I do I know when it's ready to be picked (color?)

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IAmSupernova(SE Texas 9A)

Best guess.. Yellow wax pepper.

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Sweet Banana is also a possibility.

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Looks a lot like 'Gypsy' only not as plump, which is a darn fine pepper that will outproduce Ivory on its best day.

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

it may be a cross of the ivory with an unknown hot pepper - maybe hungarian hot wax as the other parent.

What is the source of the seeds? traded or purchased from a company?

I've been hearing a lot about people getting ripped off on seeds lately - seems some people are selling the seeds they buy at the store for eating or maybe selling the seeds they find inside their produce from the store!

I can't imagine these are really gardeners. Just mini-grifters.

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