Another clivia question

marricgardensJanuary 26, 2013

I was given 4 pots of clivia 20 years ago. They were small but since then 3 have flowered. The first 2 both had small flowers. I looked them up and thought they were clivia miniata. Now the third one is flowering and the bloom is a bit more than 2 1/2" across. Are there different varieties of c. miniata or is this one completely different? I thought c. miniata were all the same, size wise but not color wise. I'm just happy to have something flowering.

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How absolutely beautiful! But sorry, I have never grown these, so I leave your question to all the experts here.

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Hi Marg,
Yes, the blooms on miniata can be variable in size and in shape.
Lovely bloom!

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Thanks Gail. Now to wait and see what the others will be like! Marg

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I have been growing them for years. Mostly from seed and I do believe you got a very nice one there. The small flowered ones are the norm. Those are very large for Clivia. I have two yellow ones and waiting for them to bloom. It can take 5 years or so for them to start to bloom. I hope I have one as large as yours. Do try to pollenate your flowers. They do produce seed. The seed needs to stay on the plant for almost a year. When the berries start to turn red, pick, clean and dry and plant with-in a week. Check with the 'Great Lakes Bulb Soc.'. They have all the info you need.

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Thanks for the info! Mine is still flowering, more opening every day. Right now there are about 17 buds and flowers on one stem. There are also some seed pods forming. I didn't realize they had to stay on the plant for a year tho. I'll check out the Great Lakes Bulb Society. Thanks.

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