best place to cure garlic?

michelelcJuly 22, 2012

This is my first year growing garlic. It's ready to pick, and I'm wondering what the best place is to cure it? I don't have any outside area that does not get some sun (no garage or shed). I have a dehumidifier in my basement (which I keep at 65%), and was planning on curing the garlic down there, but the temps hover in the low 70's. Is that too cold? My other choice would be my attic guest bedroom, which stays very warm. I'm not thrilled with curing my garlic up there, because I do occasionally have guests, but would do it if it was a better choice. Any advice?

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Your garlic needs to be harvested now. It is recommended that you do so when about half of the leaves have turned brown. Leaving the garlic in the ground does not destroy it, but will reduce its keeping quality.

Of the options you mentioned I, personally, would choose the basement. It will take a little longer because it is cooler, but the dehumidifier should help.

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bella_trix(z6b SE PA)

The upstairs guest bedroom! That is where I cure mine. I even had guests, but the kids thought it was cool being in a garlic forest (they are garden-friendly kids). I put hooks into the wall studs and this year bought heavy-duty rope that supports 130lbs. If you are stringing the garlic to hang it, make sure the twine/rope/hooks are STRONG. The first year, I strung them in the living room. The cat and I will never forget when the string broke and dropped all the garlic on our heads.

I will second that your garlic is being harvested a little too late. It will be fine for eating, but may not store as well. Separate the stalks with mostly brown leaves from the ones with 3 green leaves - eat the brown ones first.

Enjoy your garlic,

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Thanks for the replies! I had no idea I left it in too long. Bummer. I dug all 54 cloves up today. For now, they are in the basement, I'm not sure I want to deal with them in the guest bedroom right now :)

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I have read Garlic needs to be stored at 50 F while curing. There needs to be a some sort of air flow around them.

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lonmower(zone8 Western Oregon)

First...your garden looks very nice.

I vote for basement...they will do fine down there

FYI...when referring to garlic, the bulb is called the "head" and the individual sections are called "cloves". So I will assume you have 54 "heads" and on that assumption I think you have planted the garlic way too close in that bed. I am not an expert, but I think 4-6 inch spacing in minimum. That means when you plant the seed this fall, think that the clove you plant will grow and expand into a head and allow plenty of space for that to happen. In this case, more space is better.

I believe you can never plant too much garlic

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